Sunday, January 1, 2012

The World's Worst Student

There's a student in my class called Sam and he's as snotty as a rat. He knits his jumpers and cracks his pencil as if his pencil is like a  cookiemaster.

He's so insolent and he goes on about his homework that has pumped and bumped like a balloon.
When he grumpy,he stamps his feet as if he went to a gloomy party and all of the ghosts gobble him up and think he tastes crunchy like a crispbowl.

He's so nutty when he bellows at his friends like a bull holding a rusty stick. He yells so harshly that all the classroom can crumble like a group of fruit pie

His writing is so scrummy as a chocolate broomstick. If you've ever been in my class you shall meet this crooked cram boy and he'll dive into you as if your stomach is like a huge bottle of water or lemonade.
Then he'll hit you with his pencil made out of chocolate sticks that he gulps every morning break.
If you've ever met this boy before, he's my worst student I've ever had!


  1. Lol, is this going to be your worst student when you'll be a teacher? You have to prepare before-hand on dealing with him!

    What's a cookiemaster? But him knitting his jumper is a good thing!

  2. hahaha! My best part: scrummy as a chocolate broomstick!

  3. Hahaha,of course not if he is going to behave like this of course 7abibti,I'll deal with him.
    And you're right,he knows how to knit his his stupid jumper but I don't understand why does he have to knit in front of the whole class he can like do it somewhere else and of course,it was a good thing.

  4. Khamael,that was my best part too when I started writing this paragraph. Imagine we had a pencil made out of chocolate broomsticks then we'd write and chew on it,hahaha!