Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Risky Operation

I sat on my desk in the hospital. I waited and waited till the patient came. I went to the receptionist. Suddenly I heard an ambulance coming.
''There's a little girl who's very ill. Her mom called for an appointment. She needs to do an operation,'' announced the receptionist. I went back to my room number and waited. The receptionist came and gave me the envelope and told me to sign the juvenile's mom's name so I did.

Ten minutes later the door fell open and the nurse and attendant came in.
''Dr. Al Safi, the little girl and her mom just arrived now for their appointment with you. If you could just wait here for ten minutes,'' the nurse declared.
I waited and waited. Finally, a little girl about 4 or 5 years old and her mom came in.
''Hi Dr. Al Safi, look my little girl needs to do an operation. She's having a hindrance with her heart. If you could just check her pulse rate,'' the mom said.
''Attendant, please give me the stethscope,'' I said. The attendant obeiditely went and got the stethscope.
''Here you go doctor,'' the attendant said giving me the stethscope. I thanked her.

I scrutinized the pulse rate of the girl's heart then I examined her anatomy.
''She should eat more and do exercises everyday. She needs vigour,'' I said worriedly.
''She really needs to eat healthy food, you should stop your daughter from eating junk food because it's really bad for her heart,'' I explained.
I told the attendant to go and get the therometer. I checked the girl's temperature. She was hot. I tried touching her forehead. She was having an influenza and had trouble breathing.
''This juvenile needs plenty of sleep now, let's just take a break and let her rest,'' the nurse said.
''She's been up all night playing computer games that's why she's been getting those headaches,'' the mom said shaking her head.

During the operation, as the surgeon was working, I went to the kitchen and got something to eat. It was chicken, potatoes and turnip, my favourite food that I used to eat every week for dinner. I drank water with it.

The next ten minutes, we were back to work. The little girl's eyes were still tightly shut. I scrutinized her eyes. They were fine. I checked the pulse rate of the girl's heart. It was beating again. She was alive! Then slowly she began to open her eyes. She started crying.
''Mommy, Mommy, I'm scared, I hate hospitals so much,'' she whined.
''Don't worry honey, everything will be fine as soon as they check up on you,'' the mom replied.
That made the child happy. We finally solved all the problems she was having. Slowly she was starting to feel better.
''Well  thank you very much,'' the mom said happily.
''You're welcome. I'm afraid your daughter can't walk for a week. She really needs to have some rest after this operation. Attendant, can you please go and fetch a wheelchair for this girl,'' I said.
''Come on little girl, get into this wheelchair,'' the nurse said. The little girl climbed onto the wheelchair.
''Thank you doctor,'' she said politely. I smiled.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Invisibles

I woke up and I found out my whole body was gone. I tried to scream a sound came out. I couldn't believe it! What if my family are looking for me and they find out I'm indiscernible. If my voice is heard and they can't see where I am they'd feel scared and abscond.

But at least I could see something and hear everyone. I didn't know what to do. I saw a portrayal of myself so I remembered my body and began to cry. Suddenly I heard a scream. What was that?
It was my sister Khamael.
''Oh no, what happened to my little sister?''
''I'm here, I can't see myself either,'' I answered.
''Huda, where are you?'' I didn't know what was going on. Maybe something demonic might have happened to my body. Some devil might have cut my body off. Khamael ran and told mama and Ghadeer about what happened to my body.
''Mama, come to our bedroom now, I can hear Huda's voice but I can't see her anywhere!'' Khamael exclamined.
''What on earth is going on here?'' Baba asked. He was in his and Mama's room working on his computer.
''Huda has just vanished, we can hear her but we can't see her anywhere,'' Mama replied.
I cleared my throat and began to speak.
''Look everyone, I woke up and I also found out my body was gone. I can see and hear you. I saw a picture of myself, I wanted to cry so I did.''
Mama cried, Khamael cried, Ghadeer cried and even I cried. Baba wasn't crying but he looked like he was going to.

At night we went to the jam3a at Khalo's house. Everyone got dressed except me because my body was gone. My wardrobe fell open. My clothes were gone. I didn't take any of my clothes. I was wondering who it was. Only my perfume, books, glasses, bags and shoes were tangible. We all got to Khalo's house. Everyone was there on time. Khalo Hasan had noticed I was invisible. Everyone started noticing too.
So they asked about me.
''I'm here everyone, hello,'' I said.
''Oh no, where is she?''  they asked.
''Look, my daughter had woken up this morning and found out her body was gone. We can hear her but we can't see her anywhere,'' Mama answered.
''Poor Huda,'' Julan said sadily.
''How did she wake up like that?'' Khala Zainab asked.
''I don't know, I have no who took my sister's body,'' Ghadeer said.  They all started crying, even Zanooba cried, the cute little baby girl.
Everyone went to the table to eat dinner except me. I didn't feel like eating. But the food suddenly fell into my mouth.

I woke up the next morning. My body was back. I was visible again. I was so happy I jumped in my bed. Khamael was pleased to see me so she joined me in the bed so were both jumping like crazy. Ghadeer saw us and joined in too.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I have never been so sick

I was awake all night. Even when I went to bed. I couldn't sleep. My stomach began to ache. I didn't know what to do.
''I don't know what to do, what's going on?'' I asked myself. I felt like the whole world was spinning around me. I had a headache too and I felt dizzy.

Suddenly my stomach began to ache so much then I really wanted to vomit so I did. The blanket was dirty.
I wanted to go and wake Mama and tell her immeditely but I didn't want her to get so worried so I took care of myself.

I roused out of bed and headed to the kitchen. I drank a glass of water. I headed back to my room to change the blanket cover. I looked at my watch, it was 1am. I went to the toilet to wash my hands.
Finally I stepped back to my room and set my alarm at Fajir time. I  dozed off.
At Salatul Fajir I prayed to myself to be better and I prayed to everyone I know.
After I woke up in the morning I told everyone about what happened to me that night.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The mysterious phone call

I woke up in the middle of the night from a phone call. I sneaked out of my room and answered it.
''Hello?'' I said.
''Can I speak to your mother?'' said the voice.
I checked on mama, she was sound asleep. Then I went to the phone and told this person that she was sleeping.

I still didn't recognise the voice.
''Who is this?'' I asked.
''I'm Anne Wilson and I work in a paper shop,'' answered the voice.
''But look, this is urgent, I need to speak to your mother,'' Anne went on, '' I need her to give me her phone number.''
''But Miss Wilson, it's in the middle of the night now, my mum will call you back later in the morning when she wakes up. Can you please not disturb us again in the middle of the night with your phone call. We really need to sleep,'' I said.
''Well, see if I care,'' she said then the line went dead.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A True Friend

This is my story of how I met up with this girl and how we became best friends. I'm August and I'm 13 years old. I'm an only child I live with my parents in a beautiful house. But it started to get tedious because I had no friends next door to play with and I wasn't allowed to play in our garden because I would disturb the neighbours. I had no friends at that time before I met up with this girl. There was this boy who I always sit next to in class. He's so boorish to me and he always throws his pencils at me whenever I talk to him.

One day I was reading a book called 'popular girls' and I finished this book so I had no other books to read so I asked my parents if they could take me to the bookstore.
''I'm sorry August, but we haven't got time to take you now, we're busy,'' mum said shaking her head.
''But mum, I haven't got any books to read, I have to go now, please, please, please,'' I begged.
''August, don't be silly, listen to your mother and stop wasting our time,'' Dad said.
''But Dad,I've got nothing to do.''
''Well okay, we'll take you to the book fair tomorrow,'' mum declared. I cheered and jumped in excitement.

The next day I got dressed and headed to school. My teacher is called Miss Green. She is a young lady with brown hair and brown eyes. She always wears high heels in class. She's kind but very strict.
''August, did you do your homework?'' she asked me.
''Well yeah, I only did some of them,'' I replied.
I handed my homework to her. She raised her eyebrows. I was afraid she was going to shout me so I nearly blubbered.

After school, mum picked me up and took me to the book fair. They were selling new novels. I bought about two books which are, 'Best friends, by Jacqueline Wilson' and 'Vicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson'.
I was paying my books I saw a blond girl standing beside me. She wore red glasses, pink tshirt and a red skirt. One of the books she had was the same one I've just got now. I paid my cash. I looked at the blond girl. She smiled a bliss smile. I smiled back. We looked like we knew each other. We shook hands.
''Hi, I'm Lily Rose,'' said the girl.
''I'm August Blue,'' I said.
''That's the same book I've just got!''
She wasn't shy at all when she met me. We finally became best friends. Lily had moved to my school. She sat beside me. The boy who threw pencils at me was finally out of my sight. Lily was affable with other students so everyone liked her.

I woke up the next morning and had my breakfast.
''Your best friend Lily is going to move in with us,'' mum announced. I cheered.
Five minutes later, I saw lots of suitcases and bag packs. There was Lily at my bedroom window. I waved at her and she waved back. We finally became neighbours. We visited each other and had a sleepover at my house. We got along and we never ever had a fight.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Letter Writing Informal

Dear Sarah,
I have had a big problem at school. In music class I'm always failing because I never practise playing my recorder properly. That's because I'm not that good in music. My music teacher is very strict because if we never practise and keep on failing he fires many of us so that we should not come to his class again.

The problem is I'm not allowed to practise playing my recorder at home because my family get distracted and they start to put their hands over their ears. So maybe I should practise when I'm alone in the house. But it disturbs my neighbours so I should go somewhere quiet to play. My teacher always keeps on saying, ''you should try your best.'' I am! But I keep on making big mistakes. We did a music test to see who could play better. In my report card I always get c's and f's. My mum took me to the music store so that I could try playing other instruments as well. I tried playing the piano but it was better than the recorder. I made about 20 mistakes. I played the piano in music class. I got a c for that. But still I should've tried my best.
I can't wait till you read this letter. Please reply soon and miss you a lot!
Your friend
P.s. I heard that you are very good at music. Please advise me what to do and help me out in playing my instruments.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter Writing Formal

Dear Neighbour,
I am writing to you to introduce myself.
I am a muslim and I wear Hijab(a head scarf around my head). I wear glasses and I'm 14 years old. I have two sisters who are older than me. Their names are Khamael and Ghadeer. Khamael is 21 years old and Ghadeer is 19 years old so Khamael is the eldest in my family and I'm the youngest.
We come from Iraq and we were born in London. We've been living in UAE for 12 years.

My sister, Khamael is studying in London and my dad is working in Saudi Arabia in Medina, where the Prophet lived his life. My mum was a teacher when we were in London but she doesn't work anymore but stays at home and does housework. I used to go to St.Andrews International school but I left this year.
The owner and her husband, who own the school are getting divorced. So she moved to another school but it hasn't started yet. It starts in February maybe so I'm studying at home and doing home school.
There's a good interesting cartoon called 'Arthur' if you wanna watch it because I watch about an episode or two in my spare time.

I hope you will be pleased to meet me. Please write back to me soon.
Your sincerly
Huda Al Safi
p.s. My uncle and his family have just moved beneath us. If you wish to come down with us and meet them.