Saturday, July 30, 2016


Shoplifting is stealing goods from the store without paying. Shoplifting and stealing in general is a really serious offense and is punishable by law, it is also really Haram. When we shoplift, we lose control of our nafs. When you shoplift what comes to your mind? How do you feel? Some people feel relieved after stealing an item and the thought about getting away with it, but the truth is if you steal you won't be happy, you'll feel guilty because you know that what you did was wrong. Imagine what would happen if you get caught shoplifting. You'll get kicked out of the store, you'll have to pay a fine if it is a first time offense and have to do community service to make up of what you've done. If you shoplifted more than once or committed other crimes, then you've committed a felony and have to serve your time in jail. Your family, friends and other people who care about you would be very disappointed in you. And the customers would have to pay extra and the shoplifter will be held accountable for his/her actions. It might also end up on the thief's criminal record, this might make it harder to get a job. Now the question is, why do some people shoplift? Some people suffer from a mental disorder called Kleptomania, in order to stop stealing, they'll need therapy or a mental health professionist. Others feel the need to steal because of peer pressure or because someone dared them to do it. Some people steal because they feel that something is missing in their lives, but stealing won't fix what is missing. Also, when people see an item they can't afford, they are so desperate to get it that they steal it, but in fact the best thing that you can do is to either buy something else that is cheaper or buy the same item that is cheaper in other stores. Finally the reason why people choose to shoplift is out of revenge, to get back at a store. Others do it because they're bored and don't have something useful to do. 
There are ways to stop shoplifting. Firstly, if you suffer from kleptomania, see a therapist, they'll tell you some good tips to stop your ways. Whenever you find yourself thinking about taking an item without paying, tell yourself to stop, distract yourself or get someone to distract you whenever you find yourself about to steal. It is a good idea to tell your family or friends about your addiction to stealing if you're addicted to stealing, they'll help you overcome it. If you ever find yourself thinking about shoplifting, like, 'This looks really nice, but I can't afford it, I'll just take it without paying, hope I don't get caught.' Or, 'I'm bored, I'm going to go rob a store.' Replace those negative thoughts into positive ones like,' I want this item, but it's wrong to steal it.' or ' I'm bored so I'm going to study in a coffee shop, besides I don't want to ruin my future by robbing a store.' As I just mentioned here stealing does ruin your future because if you shoplift you'll end up with a criminal record which will make it difficult to get job opportunities because they'll have to do a criminal background check before they hire you. You don't want end up in a life of crime, trust me. Spend your time doing other things besides shoplifting like reading, volunteering, if you want to be a librarian like me do some volunteering in a local library. If you want to steal to get revenge on the store, then think about the consequences, prices will increase, you'll get in serious trouble, besides they're not worth it, you're better than those mean store clerks. 

Authors note: Sorry I hadn't updated in a year, I was so busy studying for my IGCSE's, I'm waiting for my results now and there was so much going on in my life.