Friday, November 21, 2014

If Reva Dalby, the Silent Night character was real

Imagine if Reva Dalby in the book called Silent Night by R.l Stine was real. She is the richest girl in Shadyside. Her dad owns a hundred department stores and her mother died in a plane or car accident, whatever it was I forgot. Would she be your friend or enemy? She would be my enemy because I hate her, she would be jealous of me because I would beat her in every class and also I would refuse her offer of friendship just like Harry did to Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.

We would meet in a shop called Debenhams. This is how our meeting would turn out:
Reva: Hi
Me: Hi
Reva: What's your name?
Me: Huda
Reva: I'm Reva, by the way where does your father work?
Me: Sorry?
Reva: Where does your father work?
Me: He works as an engineer.
Reva: Yes, I meant where? Does he own a department store just like my father does?
Me: That is really not your concern.
Reva: I was just asking. What is wrong with that?
Me: I really appreciate it if you don't ask personal questions.
Reva: ok
Reva: Where are your parents?
Me: They are here in the men's section. What about yours?
Reva:None of your business
Me: Sorry
Reva:  My mother died in a plane crash, my father is working in a department store called Dalby's. They made a branch here in Dubai. I get to work in a perfume counter. It's so boring. Annoying customers come up to me asking for help. Why don't they ask someone else, can't they see I'm busy? My supervisor is also annoying, she keeps on lecturing me on how to behave. She's my supervisor not my boss or my mum. I also put a black dot on my nail just to annoy her. Want to see? ( shows me her nails)
Me: (makes a disgusted look)
Reva: Why are you wearing that scarf, are you cold?
Me: No
Reva: Who are you dating or are you single?
Reva: I asked who are you dating? What's wrong with asking questions, huh?
Me: I really appreciate it if you didn't ask such questions. Goodbye(leaves)
Mama: What's wrong?
Me: I just had a bad encounter with a girl  named Reva. She was asking rude questions.
Mama: Don't let her get to you sweetie
Me: I just hope she doesn't go to the same school that I go to. I just had enough.

The next day much to my irritation, she would go to the same school that I would go to. We would become enemies. She would spread rumors about me but most people wouldn't believe it anyway. I would ignore her insults pretending they didn't bother me but they would. I would go home crying to my parents about it. They would come to the school and talk to the teachers. They would hate her just as much as I do. I mean she would always come to class late and talk back to the teachers. They would try talking to her dad who tells her that he hopes that her attitude would change. He wouldn't even scold her. I mean he always spoils her and does whatever she wants. And thats how it would be like if Reva Dalby was real.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Turtle Secret

I went to my session called 'The Turtle Secret' by Julia Johnson.She was there. She told us about how she experienced turtles, facts about turtles, her story about Turtle Secret and ways to protect the turtles.
The story is about an Emarati girl. She and her uncle are Biologists. They like to find out more about turtles.
In the questions and answers part, I asked a question on a microphone for the first time in my life. The first one in my family! None of my family had the courage to do it. I was nervous while doing this because everyone turned to look at me. I'm not usually an attention seeker. I felt proud of myself after doing that. Everyone was proud of me. Julia also told us some tips about writing. Search for the topic that you are going to write about on the internet, keep a diary and expand your vocabulary.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Being Home alone

Whatever the reason might be, sometimes you find yourself home alone with nobody to keep you company and nothing to keep you occupied. You're probably home alone if you are reading this right now. The advantages of staying home alone is that you have the house to yourself, you can do anything you want without your family breathing down your neck. When you are home alone, it is a good time to do your homework because there is no distractions. It is a good time to daydream because nobody can interrupt you. The disadvantages are is that you might be  bored, lonely and scared because there is nobody with you. For example, your parents have to go to a business meeting, they have no choice but to leave you home alone. So what do you do? Show them that you are mature and responsible by doing your homework, doing chores, not answering the phone to anyone except them, not answering the door to strangers and not throwing a party. If you follow the house rules, then your parents will let you stay home alone more often. Use good time managment skills when you are home alone. In other words, always keep yourself busy and never waste that free time. If you want to daydream or wander around the house then only do it for 5-10 minutes. If you see someone suspicious outside your house or hear suspicious noises, call your parents. Don't investigate suspicious noises on your own. Stay inside your building, never leave your house without your parents' permission. Don't let anyone know that you are home alone except your friends and family, especially on your facebook status. In an emergency, always call your parents, if it is something very serious, call 999 or 911. The good things about being home alone is that the house is going to be quiet and you can do anything without anyone interrupting you. The problems are is that you might feel lonely, bored or scared. You have to also stay safe.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Imaginary Twin

I have an imaginary twin sister called Nada. Imagine if I really had a twin. I'd be the older twin while Nada will be the younger twin. We would be much alike by our looks but different in our personalities. The things that we would have in common would be: we would both like spicy food, love Harry Potter, love Dolma and hate shopping. The only thing  different we have is that I'm a shy, quiet, clever, organised, studious, loves writing,loves reading, is hardworking and well behaved. Nada is quite the opposite. She's outgoing, stubborn, sporty, lazy, disorganised and a troublemaker. I'm the kind of bossy twin  while she is the stubborn and immature one. I love my twin sister but the one thing I don't like about her is that when I nag her and tell her to do her homework she refuses to listen to me and tells me that I act like my mum, which is true. In school, I'm the nerd and she is the prankster. The one thing that we fight about most is  homework and  about Nada playing pranks and acting immature. When I threaten to tell on her, she calls me a tattletale. We both share a room and that is the one thing that I dislike the most. We have most of our fights there because she bothers me while I am trying to do my homework or when I am trying to sleep. Her snores are so annoying that I have to put on earplugs. We once had a fight when we were both getting changed. She put her clothes on my bed! But the things that I like about her is that she is a fun person to be  around with, she's friendly and generous. We chat about different kinds of things before we go to sleep or when we are left home alone with nothing else to do. We sometimes stay up at night and have our own sleepovers by watching a movie together, eating popcorns, playing games or chatting about random stuff.
I really love my twin sister and she is funny and cute according to my friends but she is annoying, lazy, stubborn, and always gets in trouble.