Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Imaginary Twin

I have an imaginary twin sister called Nada. Imagine if I really had a twin. I'd be the older twin while Nada will be the younger twin. We would be much alike by our looks but different in our personalities. The things that we would have in common would be: we would both like spicy food, love Harry Potter, love Dolma and hate shopping. The only thing  different we have is that I'm a shy, quiet, clever, organised, studious, loves writing,loves reading, is hardworking and well behaved. Nada is quite the opposite. She's outgoing, stubborn, sporty, lazy, disorganised and a troublemaker. I'm the kind of bossy twin  while she is the stubborn and immature one. I love my twin sister but the one thing I don't like about her is that when I nag her and tell her to do her homework she refuses to listen to me and tells me that I act like my mum, which is true. In school, I'm the nerd and she is the prankster. The one thing that we fight about most is  homework and  about Nada playing pranks and acting immature. When I threaten to tell on her, she calls me a tattletale. We both share a room and that is the one thing that I dislike the most. We have most of our fights there because she bothers me while I am trying to do my homework or when I am trying to sleep. Her snores are so annoying that I have to put on earplugs. We once had a fight when we were both getting changed. She put her clothes on my bed! But the things that I like about her is that she is a fun person to be  around with, she's friendly and generous. We chat about different kinds of things before we go to sleep or when we are left home alone with nothing else to do. We sometimes stay up at night and have our own sleepovers by watching a movie together, eating popcorns, playing games or chatting about random stuff.
I really love my twin sister and she is funny and cute according to my friends but she is annoying, lazy, stubborn, and always gets in trouble.