Sunday, April 28, 2013

Intelligence and Bravery

Intelligence and Bravery are some of my motto in life. It's what I'd like to discuss with my friends that are in my age group. Eveyone has a different kind of intelligence and bravery. In other words, everyone has a special talent and abilities of their own and everyone has a fear. It's important to achieve a goal in life and stand up for yourself and others. Earning yourself a good education is a good example of intelligence, being more social and outgoing is a good example of bravery. Everyone has a different kind of intelligence and bravery of their own. It's impossible to be good at everything and not be scared of anything. Also facing your worst fears is also a kind of bravery and intelligence because you're brave enough to face your worst fears and clever enough to clear them away so after you've faced them they won't be your worst fear anymore. 
Life isn't always perfect. Sometimes we fail at some things and succeed at some things. Don't call yourself stupid or weak if you have trouble doing something. Always believe in yourself. Also don't go picking on people just because you're jealous of them because they have a special talent that you don't have or people that are weaker than you. Everyone is different, just accept that. Sorry guys for not writing in my blog for a long time. I'm busy with my GCSE'S. I hope you liked my post.