Thursday, July 18, 2013

The new Pet

There was once a pet dog called Lolly. This pet had replaced Tappy after she died. This dog was always cheerful and loved to lick people's faces. It also can talk and make jokes. It was close friends with Funny who also loved to make jokes and laugh with him.
''Why do dogs lick people's faces?'' Lolly asked Funny.
Because they taste like lollipop,'' Funny answered. They laughed.
''Do you want a lollipop?''
''No thanks.''
''Come on, Funny, don't you like my name.''
''You taste funny.''
Lolly and Funny laughed. Lolly was so obsessed with his own name that he can eat lollipop because food was related to his name.
''So still sad about your dead girlfriend?'' Lolly asked.
''Oh shut up.''
''Funny loves Tappy, Funny loves Tappy,'' sang Lolly.
''For your information, I only like her as a friend.''
Funny told Lolly about how he and Tappy were good friends and how Tappy was feeling left out before she died and of all the times that they spent together. At least there wasn't any pet that could dance like Tappy.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Logic is one of the most important things in life. We think logically when we make a decision, solve problems and answer questions. When you think logically you are trying to make things right. If you think logically you won't get mixed up so that's why our brain needs logic. For example, you're in danger and there's no way way out so you think, what I am going to do? There's no way out. So you keep on thinking until an idea suddenly pops into your head. That's how logic works. It solves our problems in life. If we don't have logic, then problems won't be solved. We will get our answers wrong and we'll get mixed up. Logic also works when you're writing a story or an essay. The most important thing that you need to do is to make a plan before you write. How should I start and end my essay? What effort should I put in? Always think these things when you're making a plan before you write your essay. When you think logically you're trying ways to
achieve your work.