Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Birthday

I just turned 15 and I had a wonderful birthday. I ate pancakes for breakfast. I did book shopping. I went to the borders bookshop in Deira City Centre. Before I went book shopping I went on and went to the to-read section and chose as many books as I wanted. There was some I was dying to read for ages. I only found one book which was 'shopaholic ties the knot'. I couldn't find the others. I asked the shop owner about it he searched everywhere and he said that they don't sell these books. Oh yeah, I haven't told you about the treasure hunt yet. I woke up and I found notes from my bed to the fridge on the cupcake container. That was bad news that I didn't find the other books. But anyway I was happy that I bought two new dresses, one from 'max' and one from 'Next'. We went to a cafe in Sahara centre. Sorry I don't remember exactly which cafe we went. We had fun anyways. I went on facebook and 14 people who is my friend on facebook wrote on my facebook timeline wishing me a happy birthday. I wrote them a reply of thanks.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Eid is a day where muslims celebrate after Ramadan ends or even during Hajj. They're called Eid-il-Fitr and Eid-il-Hajj. It is Haram to fast in  these days. It is also the times where we spend time with our families and friends. If you get a present for anybody like clothes, shoes or anything it is Mustahab to wear or use them in Eid. Eid is a time where we get together  and pray salatul Eid together with our family. It is a time of blessing. All your prayers are answered.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good and Evil

Here are things between good and evil. We people are different. There are evil people in real life. We just want to know the difference between good people and evil people and what they do.
Good people are sweet, kind, friendly, brave, honest, generous, wise, clever, helpful and easy.
Evil people are snobs, boss people around, selfish, difficult to deal with, cowards, tell lies and bully others.
We should be kind and polite to good people and stay away from evil people to prevent getting bullied by them. Good people get rewarded and go to paradise(jenna) and evil people get punished and go to hell(jahannem). I'm not just talking just about good people and evil people I'm also talking about us. We all make mistakes. The ones who doesn't make mistakes are called masumin. We have angels called karmal katibeen. We have one on the right side that writes down all our good and the another one on the left side that writes down all our bad deeds. We should always try our best to do good deeds and prevent doing the bad ones. There will be a day of judgement. We will find out how well we did on our deeds. It will be a report day at school. A recording like a video will be shown to us of our whole life and we have explain everything we did. For our good deeds we will be rewarded and for our bad deeds we will be punished.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Manners and Tahara in the Toilet

Here are manners on how to behave in the toilet and how to always keep yourself clean and tidy

  1. Always do Wudhoo before praying. 
  2. You must ask permission to use the toilet if it does not belong to you. 
  3. Do not spend more than 5 minutes in the toilet. 
  4. You must use tahir water to wash yourself by pouring water at least 2 or 3 times. 
  5. It is Makruh to urinate whilst standing. 
  6. It is Mustahab to enter the toilet with your left foot and come out with your right foot. 
  7. It is haraam to face qibla or to keep qibla on the back while you're using the toilet. 
  8. It is makruh to wash oneself with the right hand. 
  9. Clean up all mess you make before you get out from the toilet. 
  10. It is mustahab to do Wudhoo before going to sleep. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Music and its Effect

Why is music Haram. Because if you go to parties that have loud music or discos you begin to lose control of  
your nafs and forget Allah. We all want to know which music is Halaal and Haraam. Now let me just give you an example. If your friend invites you to his or her you're not sure if you're going or not because it has something to do with music. Well ask your parents if you could go. Just give them time to think about it. You're definitely sure that they're going to say no if your friend's party has some loud music and alcohol. It's not just about music it's also about singing and dancing with the music. If your parents finds out that the music
is Haraam then that's a definitely a no. You're not going to sit there not joining the dancing and singing club with your friends and sit there just eat and do nothing about it. You're going to sit relaxed at home. I'm not joking really. It is Haraam to go to your friend's parties even if you're not going to dance and sing with your friends. If you friend forced you to come than argue with him or her and say no. Your parents forbidded you to go and you've got nothing to do about it.

Background music is some type of music they use in different scenes of each movie. It does not mean that listening to music in the background, i.e. leaving it on while you do your homework, or lowering the volume so that you can have a conversion in the background, whether in a car, a restaurant or at home. This type is music is Haraam and should be avoided.

Classical music is some soft soothing music that you can listen to when you are angry, sad, scared or having trouble going to sleep. Well get cracking. Just go and search on google and choose a classical music that you want to listen to if you are in this mood just to calm you down.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hijab Instructions for girls who are mutakaleefin

Hijab is what you call a head scarf. Hijab is not just covering your hair but also your whole part of your body         
except your hands and face. Here are instructions for girls who just started wearing Hijab. 
  1. Girls should wear something under the Hijab so their hair doesn't show. 
  2. Girls shouldn't swim with boys. 
  3. Girls should wear socks with shoes. 
  4. Girls should wear an Abaya when going to the mosque. They shouldn't wear  somnething that is too casual. 
  5. Girls should wear long sleeved shirts. If they want to wear a short sleeved dress or top they should wear a long sleeved shirt under it. They are also supposed to wear long trousers or leggings so their feet doesn't show. 
  6. Girls shouldn't kiss or hug men. They can put their hands on their chests when they greet men. 
  7. When going to occasions, girls should wear Abaya under their  dress, put their their socks on and they can take them off at the wedding or any several parties. 
  8. Girls should wear clothes for praying if they are not going to wear their Hijab. 
  9. Girls shouldn't wear makeup. If they want to put perfume on they should at least put one or two sprays. 
  10. Girls shouldn't go to parties that has boys, loud music, alcohol and other things that are not allowed in Islam. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Politeness and manners towards others

Not everyone is polite in this real world so some of you guys need to work out on your manners towards other. Here are ways to be polite: 
  1. Say Salam. 
  2. If anyone asks you a question answer them. 
  3. Do not stick out your tongue to anyone when someone asks you on what you want or smiles at you. Smile back instead. 
  4. Don't push people around when you want to pass. Say 'Excuse me can I pass please'. 
  5. Don't bully, tease, boss people around or show off. 
  6. Don't blame others. Especially for the things you did. 
  7. Respect your parents, teachers and other people older than you, especially if they're very strict. You could get punished for being rude to them. 
  8. If someone gives you a present say 'thank you'. If you don't get what you want don't start throwing a tantrum. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Fasting is the English word for 'sawum'. It's very imnportant to all muslims especially in Ramadan.
Fasting is not just not eating or drinking but  also our parts of our body must observe sawum.
Our eyes, ears and all other parts of our body. Here are a list of things that  invalidate the fast if done on purpose

  1. Eating and drinking 
  2. Saying false things to Allah, Prophet (s) or with the successors of the Holy Prophet(s). 
  3. Making dust reach one's throat. 
  4. Immersing one's head completely in water. 
  5. Vomiting 
Wajib Fasts

  1. Fast during the month of Ramadan of course 
  2. Qaza fasts for the month of Ramadan 
  3. Kaffara fasts 
  4. Fast is broken or left out deliberately
Mustahab Fasts
On  all days of Rajab, Shaban or any possible month  to fast even it it's only a day or a week.

Haram Fasts

  1. Eid-ul-Fitr
  2. Eid-ul-Adha
  3. Fasting during illness
  4. Fasting when travelling before salatul Dhuhr. 
Makruh Fasts
It is Makruh to fast in Ashura.

A person is allowed to break his fast that is Mustahab if it is not Qaza before Salatul Dhuhr.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ramadan is the nineth month of the Islamic calendar. It's also the holy month that we fast in, read quran and dua and other things too. We always do a Ramadan table every year so we can do good deeds and erase the bad ones that we did. Some people just do good deeds but then after Ramadan and in Eid they start making trouble and ruining everything. We wouldn't want to do that. Here are the list of things that we should  
do or not do that most of us have in our Ramadan table: 

  1. Always fast starting from dawn till sunset.
  2. Be polite to others, especially to family and friends. 
  3. Behave yourselves, don't cause so much trouble especially if you're a troublemaker. 
  4. Control your anger. 
  5. Be honest, don't tell lies 
  6. Don't backbite about anyone. 
  7. Read one jusu quran each day. 
  8. Do wudhoo before going to sleep 
  9. Pray on time
  10. Learn stuff about Islam 
  11. Don't watch or listen to anything that is Haram. 
  12. Pray salatul Layl before going to sleep. 
  13. Read duas 
  14. Use your spare time properly 
  15. Don't watch too much tv or spend more than two hours on the computer. 

Monday, August 6, 2012


Islam is our religion. People who believe in Islam are called muslims. We muslims do not worship any god other than Allah(s.w.t). We pray, fast in Ramadan, do Hajj, umra, read quran, wear Hijab and so on. There are things that we must do, must not do, better to do, better not to do and allowed. There are called:
Wajib(must do, if not done then you get sins)
Haram(must not do, if done then you get sins)
Mustahab( better to do, if not done then you don't get sins)
Makruh(better not to do, if done then you don't get sins)

The things that are wajib are praying, fasting, giving money to charity and so on.
The things that are Haram are listening to music, taking drugs and alcohol,killing yourself and others and so on.
The things that are mustahab are Salatul Layl, reading quran dua and so on.
The things that are makruh are praying salah in front of the mirror or picture, blowing your food when it's hot and so on.
That things that are jaiz is anything you can do in your free time like, reading, eating fruit and so on.
There are also five pillars of islam which are Usool. Which are:
1- Tawheed
2- Adala
3- Nubuwa
4- Imama
5- Qiyama

There are also ten pillars of islam which are:
1- Salah
2- Saum
3- Hajj
4- Zakat
5- Khums
6- Jihad
7- Amr bil marouf
8- nahi an al munkar
9- Tawala
10- Tabara

All these pillars of islam are Wajib.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm  a milkshake expert! I don't just like drinking milkshakes I also like making them. There are different flavours which are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana and many other types. My favourite is chocolate. I always drink it whenever we go to cafes. I've also tasted other flavours that are listed here. I've tasted the vanilla one in 'Shakespere' cafe. But I prefered the chocolate one more yummier than vanilla and other flavours. In 'cafe nero' their milkshakes are awesome! My mum made us strawberry milkshake. She uses frozen strawberries to make them. I've also made the chocolate one at home. It was amazing! It tasted exactly like the one in cafes. Also for the first time in my life I've made a chocolate milkshake all by myself. At first, I was afraid that it won't turn out good like last time when I made it with the help of my sister. So I prayed and I tasted it. It was delicious! For those who haven't tasted milshake in their lives you should taste one and I'm certainly sure that most of you will love it just like me. If you want to taste one either go to a cafe    
and order one or come to my house and I'll make you one.