Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mother

My mother is the sweetiest mother in the whole world. She's a nice cook. She even takes care of us properly. Whenever something is bothering me I go and tell her. And we'll talk things over then I get better.
Sometimes I make her angry and I hurt her feelings. But I didn't mean to do that so I'm always asking her to forgive me on any mistakes I've done to hurt her feelings. She's also a great teacher and helper. Whenever I'm struggling with my homework I go to her. She explains it so well. I feel good because when I'm doing difficult work she makes my life easy. We do classes together. Her teaching is accurate. She really enjoys teaching students especially me. But she likes teaching me the best. Other times I feel sorry for her whenever something is bothering her so I go and pat her and tell her not to worry. All  us three hate chores but helping your mother isn't the most boring thing. I make her green tea, I wash the dishes and I clean the house. I enjoy sleeping with her. She sleeps like an angel mom. You'll never find a funner mom than mine.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jill and the Cornstalk

I wrote a fractured fairytale of 'Jack and the beanstalk'. I hope you'll crack up laughing as you read this.

Narrator: Once upon a time there lived a girl called Jill. She lived with her dad and two brothers Andrew and Jay. They were a poor family. All they had was a sheep.

Jill's dad: Jill, please go and sell this sheep. We haven't got enough food to eat.

Narrator: So Jill went and sold this sheep. There was an old man selling corn.
Jill: Hi sir, can I please have these corn?
Old man: Yes, please.
Narrator: Jill took the corn and replaced it with the sheep and ran home. Jill's dad wasn't happy at all when he saw the corn.
Jill's dad: You should've at least bought something cheaper than this stupid corn( takes the corn from Jill's hand angrily and throws it out of the window).
Andrew: This is all your fault Jill, you made us poor. That's why we told you to sell this damn sheep.
Jay: And now you bring us this crap corn.

Narrator: The next morning,Jill woke up. She saw a huge thing growing. Jill looked out from her window. She saw a huge corn and she couldn't believe it.
Jill: ( realizes it's a magic corn) Dad, Andrew, Jay, you have to come and see this. ( Nobody replied and came).
Jill: Hello! Guys, didn't you hear me? ( still no reply)I'd rather go outside and climb this thing.
Narrator: Jill went up this huge corn till she reached the top. She saw a huge castle so she opened the door and went inside.
Jill: It's dark in here( turns on the light). Wow, this place is fabulus.
Narrator: Jill suddenly hears a sound and the room starts shaking. It was a giant.
Giant: Who's in there? I hear and smell the blood of a girl. Either she's dead or alive I'm gonna eat her body for breakfast.
Jill: ( starts to shiver and hides behind the fieplace. The giant enters the room. There's a bird).
Giant: Hey little birdie, say cuckoo! ( the bird says cuckoo. Then the giant searches around his room for the girl's body that he wanted to eat for his breakfast).
Jill: ( sees the cuckoo bird and she takes the bird with its cage and runs down the huge corn).
Giant: There she is! I'm gonna get you kid! ( Jill ran down down the huge corn. She saw the giant was about to get down).
Jill: ( to Jay) Can I borrow your gun?
Jay: sure( gives Jill the gun. She shoots. The giant ran up and was never seen again).
Jill's dad: ( looks at the bird) Oh Jill, this is much better than this corn. You made us a happy family. ( gives Jill a hug).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Challenge

I decided I wanted to do a challenge on not to eat junk food. I'm doing that because of my health. When I first started this challenge I didn't drink pepsi but now I do because I can't help it in a month. I wanted to do it for 3 months but that would be too long for me so I changed it for a month. Instead of eating snacks like chocolate, chips or candy I eat some healthy snacks like peanuts. I'm happy that I can do it. It's not that hard. I can't help looking at the junk food around me because whenever I look at them I feel bad. So I thought it would be a good idea to post this. I'm not eating anything with sugar or chocolate except milk tea and milk shakes. Whenever my older sisters order something junk I keep reminding them that I'm not allowed to eat this. They sometimes don't understand. They keep asking me, ''Why are you doing this challenge anyway?'' But they listen to me and give me something more healthy. If you have done this challenge before you should be proud of yourselves and proud of me too.