Saturday, December 31, 2011


Arthur is my favourite show. I've been watching this show since I was 13. I know it's a children's show and I'm too old for this show but still,there are people over 8 who watch this show. It is a better show than the Simpsons. I used to watch the Simpsons but now the new episodes are getting boring so I stopped watching it.

What I like about this show is that it's very educational and it teaches children some good stuff. There are no violence or anything rude. But  another thing that I really really really like is that it teaches children how to talk to your parents and other grown ups politely because I know in other cartoons children are rude to there parents and other people that are older than them.
There are most stuff that are funny and make me laugh so much that is they're all animals but they act like humans,i.e.,they have a school and they have pet animals that can't talk. Another thing that's funny is the way they're fighting and arguing and when the background characters and other things in the background don't move and when babies and pet animals talk,they can understand each other but people older than them they prefer it as gibberish which is baby talk. And last but not least where the characters' clothes change colour.
I also love the way they talk,it's  very cute.

The thing I don't like is that the voices are changing. I know there are some characters I really like their new voices but still there are some which are terrible and please I like the original voices better and I want them to stay forever. I also don't like it when people who are commenting are arguing and making bad comments about this show and other characters that are acting silly. I know you don't like the way some characters act but please there are children watching this show so if you don't like this show don't watch it or don't comment if you don't like the way some characters are acting. And there is one episode called 'Francine and the feline' where Francine's family gets a cat and Francine's sister Catherine names him Rose Petal and after she named him this name,Francine named him Nemo and Arthur started throwing a tantrum that he dislikes cat and it might make Francine to stop being friends with him. I hate cats too but I know people have different opinions saying that cats are smarter than dogs but please don't comment those stuff and say that you hate the way Arthur is acting because they are dog persons and I think dogs are smarter than cats. Arthur was right,cats do bite kids's ears. I was thinking you should produce some more episodes because they were some background characters that were major characters so please I want the other background characters to have a chance too because they are some with few speaking roles and they are some that didn't speak at all.


  1. hahah that's so true! I never thought of it that way (that they're actually animals but have pet animals that don't talk)

    I hope your wish is granted and you get to see new episodes with background characters having speaking roles

  2. The people don't move in the background? hahaha! By the way, you're not old for it at all. I love it too and I'm much older than you!

  3. Hey! It's a wonderful kinda day, lets learn to work and play, and get along with each otherr..

    I love Arthur!