Sunday, June 28, 2015

Home Alone: my story

Most of you have seen a Home Alone movie where a boy named Kevin Mcallister gets accidentally left behind at home when his family goes to Paris. He defends his home from two burglars who attempt to break into his home. Now I'm going to tell you my story if I was in this boy's position. The  story would take place in London, instead of Chicago. 
Summary: I get left home alone because my dad is away on business, my mum and my sisters are out of town to see my uncle and his family. I'm left at home alone because I have homework to do and have to deal with two burglars who attempt to break into my house. 
Now my story begins. I'm sitting in my room which  I share with my eldest sister Khamael. She enters. 
"What are you doing?''she asked.
Nothing,''I replied, closing my laptop.
''Don't you have homework to catch up on?''
''Well yeah, I do but it is not due till Monday, so I'm taking a break now.''
''Oh okay. By the way, Mama,Ghadeer and I are going to Surrey to visit Uncle Hasan and his family, want to come?''
''Sorry can't, I've got lots of homework to do.''
''It's okay, I understand. I'm glad that you are using your time efficiently, Huda. But are you sure you will be fine by yourself?''
"Don't worry, I'll be fine, I know what to do.'' 
Khamael smiled and hugged me and went to tell Mama what I told her. 
''I'm worried about Huda. It's not that I don't trust her,'' I heared Mama say, ''it's just that we might live in a not so safe neighbourhood in Notting Hills. I'm worried something bad might happen to Huda.''
Don't worry Mama,'' Ghadeer said,''Huda will be fine, she's very brave.'' 
I smiled at what Ghadeer said. Mama, Khamael and Ghadeer got ready to leave. Mama gave me safety rules such as not answering the phone and door to strangers and calling them if I needed anything or if anything happens. 
I waved them goodbye and went to my room and did my homework.
The next hour after I finished my Maths homework I decided to go make myself some chocolate milkshake when suddenly I heard a noise. 
What was that?I wondered. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to go investigate a bit so I decided to peak through the curtains. I gasped. I saw two men with crowbars. One was short and bald and the other was tall and blond. They were going to break into our house. 
''Which way do we go?''asked the blond guy.
''Through the back door.''
I ran quietly to my room, hid in my closet and put a Hijab on my head in case those guys make it into to my room. 
''I've heard that this family is Muslim. Most muslims are loaded.'' the short guy said. 
''Really, Harry, they're muslim. I've never met a muslim in my life.''
''Look, Mark, who cares let's just rob this house and get out of here.''
Oh no, they know about our religion. I thought about what I heard of them say. I recognise one of them, the short guy named Harry. He was the the police officer who checked into our house last night, he was talking to Mama about our security system. I shouldn've known this was going to happen. I took out my cell phone and and called 999. I told the operator everything about what happened. How the burglars looked like, where I am now, our address and the burglar's names. I kept on line, so if Harry and Mark make it into my room, find me and threaten me, the police will hear what is going on. 
''There is a muslim girl named Huda in this room. They've left her home alone because she has homework to do.'' Harry said.Oh no, they know that I am home alone. I'm screwed now. 
An idea struck me. I took out a pocket knife from the closet. 
The door burst open.
''Aha, there she is, she is wearing a head scarf.''
I stabbed them with the knife . Then the police arrived and arrested the criminals. 
Mama called, Khamael, Ghadeer, and even Uncle Hasan and his family called. They've heard about what I have done. The police told them everything. They told me how brave I was and that they were proud of me. Enough said.