Monday, January 23, 2012

Green Tea

This was the delicious drink I've ever  tasted in my life. The first time I drank and made it was in Madina. My mom and my oldest sister drinks it. We drink it everyday after each meal when we are feeling full. There are two flavours which is lemon and mint. We can manage without green tea if we don't have it. Most of the time we drink the mint flavour. We had the Lipton, Rabee and Twinings. Twinings was the best one I've ever tasted. Whenever we're feeling full I make us green tea. Some people put sugar on it but we don't because it tastes better without sugar. I'm going to teach you how to make green tea. Here are the simpliest steps.
  1. Pour water into the kettle and press the button to boil it. Wait 3 minutes for it to boil.
  2. Take out a cup or a mug.
  3. Place a teabag on the cup.
  4. Pour the hot water on the cup.
  5. Wait for about 2 to 3 minutes for the teabag to brew with the water.
  6. Drink and enjoy the delicious taste of the green tea!
If you don't know how to make green tea follow those 6 steps. If you do you already know those steps.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The World's Naughtiest Girl

Once there was a girl called Ruwayda who was only 8. She lives with her parents and her two sisters called Shamail and Hadeel. Shamail was 14 and Hadeel was 10. Ruwayda was a very spoilt, stubborn and selfish.
She's also a snob and she just thinks she's so smart and cute. She's also very rude to her parents and she only had a few friends. She doesn't like school and homework, also very lazy and gets f's in her exams. The teacher was always complaining about her behaviour at school. She never cooperates with the class, loses her books on purpose and never listens in class. At home when she's free she doesn't use her spare time properly. She always wasted her time only watching television and playing computer games for like 2 hours.
She has her own room with her own laptop, television and wardrobe. She doesn't even care what she wears.
She already has a lot of clothes and she always wears the same clothes, not only the same one but clothes that she's not supposed to wear.

She also throws tantrums. Sometimes, her mother or sisters pick out the clothes for her that she doesn't want to wear but she has to, she disagrees and wears something that is unsuitable for her.
''Ruwayda, don't that dress is unsuitable for you to wear at the mall,it's only for occasions, wear something casual,'' her mother was saying. Ruwayda groaned and never listened.

She's also a troublemaker and always fights with her sisters. At her spare time when she had nothing to do, she lied on her tummy. Shamail walked past and when she saw Ruwayda lying on her tummy she did an angry frown at Ruwayda and told her about lying on her tummy is very bad for her stomach. Ruwayda made a face at Shamail and still didn't obey her sister's rules. Shamail ran to her mother and told her what Ruwayda did to her. Her mother was very angry so she came to Ruwayda's room and told her off.
At breakfast, lunch and dinner she never eats and drinks politely. Whenever some food that she hates is handed to her she makes a disgusted face.
If you ever have a sister like Ruwayda you should be ashamed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jokes and Funny Stories

What do you call two banana peels?
A pair of slippers!
What do you get when you cross two figures?
A number made out of candy!
What did the parrot say to the carrot?
I'm gonna eat you!

Once there was a man who was very poor.
He always had a monster munch that talk.
One day he said to them, '' Please, let me eat you, I'm starving!''
''No!'' said one monster, ''if you eat us, we'll put a wrapper around your mouth!''
The man took out a knife and began chopping them into half then he opened his big mouth  like a lion and ate them. So those monsters didn't scare him anymore, not even did he have nightmares about them!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Once upon a time there was a girl called Batool who was only 8 years old and she was turning 9 in June.
One day Batool was reading a book about a girl who has already worn hijab. Her birthday was next month. She was wondering what change would be in her and wishes she wanted to make. Her mom told her,
''Batool, you'll be turning 9 next month and we will not just have a birthday party but a Takleef party and you'll be wearing hijab. Now  what I want you to do is write invitations then give them to all of your muslim friends. They will be lots of presents for you and surprises.  While you go to your friend's house, I am going to take a trip to the store to buy some party supplies.''
The next day at school, Batool gave the invitations to all of her friends. She had 8 friends and only 7 of them wore hijab but there was one without hijab. Their names were; Zahra, Noor, Huda, Nada, Aminah, Fatima, Maryam and the one without hijab was Samira. They looked at their invitation then at Batool. They were captivated because they'd never been to a Takleef party before.
''Wow, I can't wait to see you wear hijab after your Takleef party, I wonder how you'll look like with the hijab,'' said her best friend, Aminah.
''I'd never wore hijab in my whole life,prayed, been to the mosque or fasted every day in Ramadan,'' said Batool.
''Then you'll have to wear hijab everywhere, even when they are visitors at your house, who are men,'' declared Huda.
''You'll have to go to Friday prayers every week in the mosque,'' said Maryam.
''And fast everyday in Ramadan, it's wajib,'' added Fatima.
The bell rang. '' Got to go, see you after school,'' declared Noor.

Six hours later, after school Batool's mom was at the gate. So Batool and her friends went in the car.
Batool's mom  dropped them at Aminah's house and then she headed to the store to get some party supplies for Batool's Takleef party.
The girls had so much fun at Aminah's house. They ate popcorn and watched a movie called 'The Secret Life of Animals', listened to Anasheed and played hide and seek.
An hour later, Batool's mom was at the door so Batool had to go home and help her mom get everything ready. She cleaned the house, setted the table and hung up the balloons.
There was a knock at the door. Batool went to get it, it was Aminah and her mom. She was holding a present shaped like a jewel box. She gave it to Batool but she didn't get a chance to thank her so she decided to thank her later after she opens her presents.
Ten minutes later, Batool's friends were all there so the party was ready to begin. Batool's mom played the Anasheed on the tape. Everyone,including Batool began to dance like crazy. Suddenly, they were all starving so they went to the table. At the table there was a chocolate and in the whipped cream it said 'Happy Birthday and Takleef Batool' there was a pack of chocolate chip cookies, a pack of chips and 9 party hats.
Everyone got a slice of cake and wore their party hats. Everyone ate everything so there was only a few food left and there were crumbs lying on the floor everywhere.
Five minutes later, it was Batool's present opening session so she unwrapped the presents.
Aminah got her a watch, Maryam ,a princess doll, who also wore hijab, Samira, a hijabish red shirt, Noor, a Quran book, Huda, a white hijab, Nada, a prayer mat, Fatima, a duaa book and Zahra an abaya.
Batool thanked them all and said,''You're my best friends I ever had!''

The next day Batool wore her white hijab that Huda had given her to school. Batool's friends liked seeing Batool wear hijab. Nobody teased her the way she looks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


School is a place where children are taught. We all know that, right? We all know why we're going to school is because we want to learn new stuff. We want to make friends.
What I like about school is it's fun. I get a lot of homework. I think homework is good for the brain because it teaches me good tips. I don't want to waste my time watching television, eating, sleeping and spending my time on facebook. I also like going to assemblies and my favourite part of it is the certificates and awards because I can't wait to read out my merit to see how well I've done throughout the school term. My favourite subject is Science and favourite part is the experiments because I like investigating stuff.

What I dislike about school is the bullying,fighting and other problems. Another thing is at recess time some students don't sit down when they are eating and they throw the rubbish in the ground. I can't deal with this and teachers always asks the students to pick up the trash and they sometimes don't listen and they are also some other students throwing their food without any reason this is wasting and it is not allowed in the Islamic culture. They sometimes talk when they are not supposed to and it really annoys me and the teachers have to deal with this. I also don't like in Ict when we are free and we can play games one student puts the speaker very loud, it's  very annoying and I can't concentrate on my work. I know they are headphones in the computer lab, why don't they just use them? Last but not least is the bathroom. Whenever I go in it's very dirty and I always smell something very disgusting. I don't know what to do and I can't get out. I really need it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Huda throws a a tantrum

Narrator: One day Huda and Mama were in Borders, they were selling new novels and Mama wanted to buy a new Arabic novel. That was when this trouble began.
Huda: Mama, can I have this book called 'Sleepovers by Jacqueline Wilson', please?
Mama: No way 7abibti, you have so many books to read and I'm sorry this book is too expensive.
Huda: But mama(bursts into tears) WAAH,I WANT THIS JACQUELINE WILSON BOOK NOW!
Mama: NO!( all the kids laugh at Huda and Mama drags her out of the store and takes her to her room in their house, Huda is still bawling and wailing in her room).
Huda: NOW IT'S TO LATE,I CAN'T GET THAT JACQUELINE WILSON BOOK!( Khamael walks by, she has never seen Huda act like this before).
Khamael: What's wrong?
Huda: Mama said I threw a lot of tantrums and I never got this Jacqueline Wilson book.( Mama comes in)
Mama: Huda, this is your final warning,we're going to take a trip to the bookstore again tomorrow. This time you're going to be on your best behaviour, promise?
Huda: I promise.
Narrator: The next day Mama and Huda go to Magrudy's. Huda spots a book.
Huda: Mama, can I have this book called 'Lola Rose' by Jacqueline Wilson this time, pleeease?
Mama: No! I told you have too many books to read.
Mama: Huda please, cut it out,you promised  yesterday you'd behave.
Huda: BUT MAMA!( the same kids laugh at her again, Mama drags her out of the store and she is sent to her room again).
Mama: Tonight we're going to the majlis, your punishment is that you can't go with  us and no Tv for a week.
Mama: I do care 7abibti, but I don't want to waste my money buying you each book every day( Huda still disagrees, she stops crying).
Narrator: At night Mama,Khamael and Ghadeer got dressed and they went to the majlis so Huda was left alone in the house. She was very sad and bored. Mama had given her chores to do which is washing the dishes,cleaning and making the beds. Huda was soon finished with her chores.
Narrator: The next week Huda's punishment was over. She can watch tv. She was happy and free at last.
Mama: Huda, dress up,we're going out to the restraunt then we'll go to the bookstore to buy you the book that you wanted, happy now?(Huda nods her head in agreement and jumps in her bed in excitement).
Narrator: At last Huda got the book that she wanted which is 'Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson'. They finally went to the restraunt and ate a yummy meal.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost in the Bush

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lisa. She lives in Catersburgh in a cottage with her friends who are; Jane, Alice and Mary. Lisa is 8 and she's got brown eyes and dark brown hair and her best friend is Jane, who's the same age as Lisa, has yellow hair and blue eyes. Her close friends are Alice and Mary,who are 10.
They both have red hair and blue eyes.

One day Lisa and her friends decided to go hiking in the park but Lisa said they should just go cycling.
Everyone agreed to this so they went cycling.
''Hey everyone, look,there's that bush over there,let's go and hide,'' said Mary. So they went.
It was an inscrutable place and Lisa hasn't hidden in this bush before.
They wanted to play hide and seek so Mary was it and everyone went flogging on the side of the bush.
Where shall I go and hide? This place looks negligible to me, Lisa thought.
She was heroic so she hid under a tree next to the hills. She hindered to the tree on one hand and the other hand she put it onto her hips.
Suddenly, Lisa heard a shout coming towards her.
''What's wrong?'' Lisa asked.
''Mary found us, we wanted to get back but now we're lost and doomed,'' Alice cried. It was a sunny day and all the girls were sweating and their faces were mottled.
'' I don't know what we're going to do now, we can't just stand there in the sun we have to find our way home,'' Jane said shaking her head.

At last they found a better way to go back. They climbed those two hills.
''Let's go get some ice cream,'' said Mary happily.
So off they went. Lisa ordered a chocolate sundae, Jane ordered vanilla,Mary ordered Lemon and mint and Alice ordered Strawberry ice cream.  They all sat and munched their ice creams blissfully.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lonely Birthday

Hi,my name is Alex and I'm turning 8 tomorrow so I'm going to have a birthday party and I will invite all of my friends so now I'm writing invitations.
I have a sister called Alice who's only 4. She's really brutal to me and I abominate her because she's really annoying and I'm absent-minded and can't do my homework with her around. My mum and dad don't really care about my birthday and they make me wear damp clothes to every party.

''Mom,I can't wear this stupid jacket everyone will laugh at me,'' I whined.
''Don't worry Alex,it'll look fine on you,'' Mum replied.
''But mom-''
''Don't argue with me,now do as you're told!''
I really hate it when my mom makes me wear clothes to school that are incompatible. We live in Crown City and our school is called the Mighty Mountain Elementary School. My best friends are Maria,George,Jenna and Fern. But I really hate Arthur,Molly and Shelley. They're bullies and I hate Shelley the most because he is a big bully and always gives me a big punch. I gave my invitaions to all of my classmates.
They looked at the invitations then at me. They were debatable either to go or not.
''Well,well,well,now we've got a birthday boy here who's having a birthday party tomorrow,'' said Arthur.
''I'm sorry Alex,but we've got two parties to go to,'' said Maria.
''What? I'm not going to those parties anyway and it's my birthday so you should come!'' I cried.
George and Jenna felt sorry for me.
''We're sorry,but your house is too far,'' said George.
Fern shook her head and said I should just spend my time alone.

My family don't care about me and they haven't bought me any presents and there's no cake. I sat there lonely and sang 'Happy Birthday' to myself. I burst into tears because no one loves me and cares about me. I read a book and played with my toys.

The next morning I woke up and hurried to school.
''Hey Arthur, look, there's this birthday boy again,'' sneered Shelley.
They both laughed then Molly came in and was involved too.
''Hey birthday boy, did you have a nice party,'' teased Molly.
''Of course not,'' I answered furiously.
''I hope you didn't sneak out of your house and buy presents for yourself then you'll be in big trouble,'' said Arthur.
I waved to my friends. They were abashed for not coming to my birthday party.
They did a surprise party for me and I felt captivated because I never had this fun party before.

Monday, January 2, 2012

About Me

Full Name: Huda Al Safi
Nickname: Hudhud,Hadawi,Hadhooda,Hadoo.
Favourite Colour: Red
Likes: Pancakes,chocolate ice cream and cake,dolma,hanging out with friends and family,school,homework,Arthur,going to majlis,going out to restraunts,malls and other places,wearing clothes that match,presents,jokes,making people laugh,chocolate chip cookies and reading books.
Dislikes: Raisins,peas,shopping( not for books),being grounded,being accused of things,when I see people wearing disrespectful clothes,wasting time,being bored,getting lost,pet cats, cleaning, having bad dreams at night, not getting what I want and being called a baby.
Annoyances: Khamael(sometimes) and Ghadeer(sometimes).
Things that make me angry: When someone shouts at me, not getting what I want,seeing people wearing disrespectful clothes,people staring at me without any reason,people laughing at me and not with me.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The World's Worst Student

There's a student in my class called Sam and he's as snotty as a rat. He knits his jumpers and cracks his pencil as if his pencil is like a  cookiemaster.

He's so insolent and he goes on about his homework that has pumped and bumped like a balloon.
When he grumpy,he stamps his feet as if he went to a gloomy party and all of the ghosts gobble him up and think he tastes crunchy like a crispbowl.

He's so nutty when he bellows at his friends like a bull holding a rusty stick. He yells so harshly that all the classroom can crumble like a group of fruit pie

His writing is so scrummy as a chocolate broomstick. If you've ever been in my class you shall meet this crooked cram boy and he'll dive into you as if your stomach is like a huge bottle of water or lemonade.
Then he'll hit you with his pencil made out of chocolate sticks that he gulps every morning break.
If you've ever met this boy before, he's my worst student I've ever had!