Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The World's Naughtiest Girl

Once there was a girl called Ruwayda who was only 8. She lives with her parents and her two sisters called Shamail and Hadeel. Shamail was 14 and Hadeel was 10. Ruwayda was a very spoilt, stubborn and selfish.
She's also a snob and she just thinks she's so smart and cute. She's also very rude to her parents and she only had a few friends. She doesn't like school and homework, also very lazy and gets f's in her exams. The teacher was always complaining about her behaviour at school. She never cooperates with the class, loses her books on purpose and never listens in class. At home when she's free she doesn't use her spare time properly. She always wasted her time only watching television and playing computer games for like 2 hours.
She has her own room with her own laptop, television and wardrobe. She doesn't even care what she wears.
She already has a lot of clothes and she always wears the same clothes, not only the same one but clothes that she's not supposed to wear.

She also throws tantrums. Sometimes, her mother or sisters pick out the clothes for her that she doesn't want to wear but she has to, she disagrees and wears something that is unsuitable for her.
''Ruwayda, don't that dress is unsuitable for you to wear at the mall,it's only for occasions, wear something casual,'' her mother was saying. Ruwayda groaned and never listened.

She's also a troublemaker and always fights with her sisters. At her spare time when she had nothing to do, she lied on her tummy. Shamail walked past and when she saw Ruwayda lying on her tummy she did an angry frown at Ruwayda and told her about lying on her tummy is very bad for her stomach. Ruwayda made a face at Shamail and still didn't obey her sister's rules. Shamail ran to her mother and told her what Ruwayda did to her. Her mother was very angry so she came to Ruwayda's room and told her off.
At breakfast, lunch and dinner she never eats and drinks politely. Whenever some food that she hates is handed to her she makes a disgusted face.
If you ever have a sister like Ruwayda you should be ashamed.


  1. hahahaha! I'm so glad Ruwayda isn't my sister! She sounds horrible
    (But if she was, it's not me who should be ashamed but herself!)

  2. I feel sorry for her mother. Lucky me!! I can't thank Allah (swt)enough for my lovely girls:)