Saturday, February 8, 2014

Being Home alone

Whatever the reason might be, sometimes you find yourself home alone with nobody to keep you company and nothing to keep you occupied. You're probably home alone if you are reading this right now. The advantages of staying home alone is that you have the house to yourself, you can do anything you want without your family breathing down your neck. When you are home alone, it is a good time to do your homework because there is no distractions. It is a good time to daydream because nobody can interrupt you. The disadvantages are is that you might be  bored, lonely and scared because there is nobody with you. For example, your parents have to go to a business meeting, they have no choice but to leave you home alone. So what do you do? Show them that you are mature and responsible by doing your homework, doing chores, not answering the phone to anyone except them, not answering the door to strangers and not throwing a party. If you follow the house rules, then your parents will let you stay home alone more often. Use good time managment skills when you are home alone. In other words, always keep yourself busy and never waste that free time. If you want to daydream or wander around the house then only do it for 5-10 minutes. If you see someone suspicious outside your house or hear suspicious noises, call your parents. Don't investigate suspicious noises on your own. Stay inside your building, never leave your house without your parents' permission. Don't let anyone know that you are home alone except your friends and family, especially on your facebook status. In an emergency, always call your parents, if it is something very serious, call 999 or 911. The good things about being home alone is that the house is going to be quiet and you can do anything without anyone interrupting you. The problems are is that you might feel lonely, bored or scared. You have to also stay safe.