Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to prevent being an easy target for Kidnapping

Kidnappings happen in some parts of the world. Here are ways to keep yourself safe and avoid being an easy target:
* Avoid going out at night. If you must go out at night, always stick to well lit and populated areas. Avoid going to dark alleys  or any isolated place where kidnapping occurs the most.
* Be confident and look confident. If you look nervous you're more likely are going to be an easy target.
* Avoid wearing any flashy clothing that draws attention to yourself.
* Avoid carrying any valuables; like purse, backpack or jewellery.
* There is safety in numbers. In other words you'll feel more safer if you go with someone you know and trust.
* Always know where you are going. If you are lost pretend that you do because if you look lost you'll make yourself an easy target.
* Don't shut yourself off from the rest of the world. Always be aware of your surroundings. Don't daydream, look at your iphone, talk on the phone or do anything that makes you unaware of your surroundings. Kidnappers will think that you will be easy to sneak on.

If you read and follow all these points then you'll be safe.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

How life would have been

Imagine if life was different. What if I wasn't born in this world? Khamael, Ghadeer and my parents wouldn't always be a happy family. Or maybe they would have a different brother or sister. What if I was a boy. Then I would have spent more time with my father and I wouldn't have gone to a ladies gathering. Or what if my family didn't know me and I wasn't part of their family? They would have treated me differently but they would still read this blog. I mean imagine I didn't know them and I am standing in line ordering food. I would still smile and say hi but I wouldn't talk to them very much unless absolutely necessary. What if I was born in a different family who were cruel to others? I would be a different person. I wouldn't be kind, bookish, studious and shy person that I am now. I would be raised to be a cruel and coldhearted person. Instead of being a shy and nerdy girl, I would be a mean girl who bullies others. Everyone would hate and fear me including my sisters and parents. What if I had been an only child? Khamael and Ghadeer wouldn't exist and I would be so lonely. I'm glad that I live with a good family and that I am a good person.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hogwarts houses

For those of you who have read Harry Potter or heard of Harry Potter there is a school where most witches and wizards go called Hogwarts. There is a sorting hat that sorts you in  different houses. There are four houses each. They are; Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Huffllepuff and Slytherin. Ravenclaw is for the intelligent and witty people. Gryffindor is for the brave and loyal people. Hufflepuff is for the loyal, honest and hardworking. Slytherin is for the cunning and ambitious. The sorting hat chooses the house that fits you most. The sorting hat also takes your choice on what house you want to be in. According to Dumbledore, it's not our abilities what we truly are it's our choices. It's just like with Harry. Harry is a parselmouth, which means that he can talk to snakes. The sorting hat wanted to put Harry in Slytherin but Harry fought it and prevented it and it put him in Gryffindor. I think Ravenclaw is the house I want to be in because I feel like I belong there and it is a house for educated people. I am educated and I think I will be sorted in this house. Gryffindor doesn't sound terrible but it is also another choice for me if I'm not sorted in Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff isn't the house for me. I may be hardworking and I have some Hufflepuff traits but I don't feel like it is the house for me. I mean some people say that Hufflepuffs are dufflers and I don't want to look like a duffler.
Slytherin, definitely not! I mean that is the house that Lord Voldemort was sorted in and most people who are dark are sorted in this house and very few good people are sorted there. I'd rather die than get sorted in that house. And I will have a very few friends there and I will be an outcast and disliked by most people.
What about you? What house do you want to be sorted in to and not want to be sorted in to? Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Being Famous

As you know you probably met or heard about celebrities or other famous in this world. Every famous or popular person has a talent. Some famous people are artists, some are musicians, some are heroes like Harry Potter and some famous people just want to be famous just to get attention.
Sometimes being famous is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing. The good thing is the things that you are  good at. To be famous you have to work harder. And also everyone likes you. But there are some things that are not good. People become obsessed with you, use you or treat you more like a celebrity than a normal person. Some people want to be friends with you just for fame and money, some people might be jealous with you because you are getting all the attention. If  you want to be famous think about what you are good at. And beware of the bad things about being famous. Don't let people put you down. Don't be attention seeking. Not all famous people like attention so don't be one those famous people that are snobs.
Be a good role model. Just be yourself. Treat others like you want to be treated.Beware of stalkers. Famous people are always being stalked so if you are a famous person or want to be famous you probably will be so be careful.

Some famous people do something so good like defeating an evil wizard, saving someone then it comes in the newsapaper and they become famous. Sometimes famous people don't get why those things make them so famous and don't get used to people talking about them. Life can be difficult when you are famous because you  are not used to people whispering and staring at you all the time whenever you approach.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Time Managment

Time managment is one of the most important things in life. It is important to use your time properly and not waste it. You need to prepare a schedule and make a plan on what you are going to do. That's one of things my dad said to us. Time managment is one of our motto in life. You shouldn't waste your time doing one thing in the whole day or you'll end up bored.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The new Pet

There was once a pet dog called Lolly. This pet had replaced Tappy after she died. This dog was always cheerful and loved to lick people's faces. It also can talk and make jokes. It was close friends with Funny who also loved to make jokes and laugh with him.
''Why do dogs lick people's faces?'' Lolly asked Funny.
Because they taste like lollipop,'' Funny answered. They laughed.
''Do you want a lollipop?''
''No thanks.''
''Come on, Funny, don't you like my name.''
''You taste funny.''
Lolly and Funny laughed. Lolly was so obsessed with his own name that he can eat lollipop because food was related to his name.
''So still sad about your dead girlfriend?'' Lolly asked.
''Oh shut up.''
''Funny loves Tappy, Funny loves Tappy,'' sang Lolly.
''For your information, I only like her as a friend.''
Funny told Lolly about how he and Tappy were good friends and how Tappy was feeling left out before she died and of all the times that they spent together. At least there wasn't any pet that could dance like Tappy.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Logic is one of the most important things in life. We think logically when we make a decision, solve problems and answer questions. When you think logically you are trying to make things right. If you think logically you won't get mixed up so that's why our brain needs logic. For example, you're in danger and there's no way way out so you think, what I am going to do? There's no way out. So you keep on thinking until an idea suddenly pops into your head. That's how logic works. It solves our problems in life. If we don't have logic, then problems won't be solved. We will get our answers wrong and we'll get mixed up. Logic also works when you're writing a story or an essay. The most important thing that you need to do is to make a plan before you write. How should I start and end my essay? What effort should I put in? Always think these things when you're making a plan before you write your essay. When you think logically you're trying ways to
achieve your work.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My day at the beach.

I went to the beach today and I swam in the sea. I was a bit scared of the big waves but my sisters told me not to worry because sea waves are just waves that makes you move which is caused by the wind. Imagine on a windy day what would have happened. Since there would be so much wind there would more waves and the wind will be stronger than it was today. It felt like taking a bath. It was so relaxing because as I lied down on the start side of the sea shore ,  I stretched my hands and legs and the waves come towards me. I swam in my sunglasses today and the waves were so strong that they knocked my sunglasses off my eyes. I found them after a few minutes. I had fun there. Only the thing that got me frustrated was I had to take a bath
and wash and clean my sandy clothes.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Being an only child

Imagine being an only child without any brothers and sisters. Some people feel lonely and some people are just glad that they are the only child because they have heard from others that they have annoying siblings.
I have two older sisters that are like best friends to me. They give me love and attention and they actually care about me.  They understand when I am happy, sad, anxious and angry. I'm just glad I have these two wonderful sisters in my life. Imagine if I didn't have them in my life. I would be lonely and sad but I will still have my parents who are also loving to me. Since I am sharing a room with my eldest sister I would have my own room and I would be sleeping in my other sister's room and the room that I share with my sister, Khamael would be a library and the mattress where we sit on would be the reading corner. The bed that I share with my sister wouldn't exist since I sleep in the other bed that my other sister, Ghadeer is currently sleeping on. My life would be different if my sisters, Khamael and Ghadeer didn't exist.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sleeping Patterns

Everyone has a different sleeping pattern. In other words everyone has a different bed time routine. Some people sleep before 10pm and some people sleep after 10am. The thing that you should do before you sleep  is think positive thoughts. Keep negative thoughts out of your mind. If something is bothering you then I think the best thing to do is to distract yourself with a hobby like read a good book in bed, listen to soft soothing music and write your thoughts in your journal. Read up on wikihow on how to get rid of negative thoughts. They have good tips and I think those tips will help.

Some people are light sleepers, some people are heavy sleepers and some people are in between. For light sleepers, please put on your earplugs as you get to sleep to avoid distractions. The time you wake up in the morning depends on how much you have slept. I think that the best thing to do to get enough sleep is to sleep
between 10pm and 12am and wake up at 10am. If you want to wake up at Fajir time set your alarm clock between 4:30- 6:00am or ask your parents to wake you up so you don't have to do Qadha. If you have an exam coming up I think the best time to study is after lunch or in the weekends. I don't think it is a good idea to cram for an exam the night before the exam because you'll become drowsy in the morning and won't get good marks in your exam.

Avoid eating junk food or anything too heavy before sleep so you won't get any nightmares.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The 6 Most Important Decisions you'll ever Make Review

Yesterday I watched an audio about the 6 most important decisions you'll ever make. It taught me a lot on how to deal with life, how to make smart choices and how to work hard in school. There are also some 7 Habits of Highly Effective people included there. My favourite part was about how to build up a good relationship with your parents. It's all about how to respect your parents, how to help them out and how to understand them. I've also learnt about how to treat people the kind with kindness and also the unkind with kindness. You should also treat the mean people with kindness because by being kind to them you'll make them feel bad about treating you unfriendly. Another important thing is managing your time. Spend less time on the computer, television and iphone. I think that you should manage your time by doing a timetable on what you are going to do each time. For e.g. 10:30 Do homework, 11:00 Read  4:00 Bedtime.
That way you won't find yourself daydreaming on what you are going to do. I think the best time to do it is before you sleep so the next day you have already planned the night before what you are going to do.
Another important thing is teamwork. Some teams make smart choices and some teams make dumb choices. If you make smart choices you win. If you make dumb choices you lose. It's all about making your team work hard.

You  should also work hard in school. The grades you get depends on how hard you work. If you want to get good grades, you should focus on the subject you are doing instead of just being absent-minded and thinking about other things. That way, you'll understand what you need to do.
If you want to find out more about this please listen to the audio online.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Intelligence and Bravery

Intelligence and Bravery are some of my motto in life. It's what I'd like to discuss with my friends that are in my age group. Eveyone has a different kind of intelligence and bravery. In other words, everyone has a special talent and abilities of their own and everyone has a fear. It's important to achieve a goal in life and stand up for yourself and others. Earning yourself a good education is a good example of intelligence, being more social and outgoing is a good example of bravery. Everyone has a different kind of intelligence and bravery of their own. It's impossible to be good at everything and not be scared of anything. Also facing your worst fears is also a kind of bravery and intelligence because you're brave enough to face your worst fears and clever enough to clear them away so after you've faced them they won't be your worst fear anymore. 
Life isn't always perfect. Sometimes we fail at some things and succeed at some things. Don't call yourself stupid or weak if you have trouble doing something. Always believe in yourself. Also don't go picking on people just because you're jealous of them because they have a special talent that you don't have or people that are weaker than you. Everyone is different, just accept that. Sorry guys for not writing in my blog for a long time. I'm busy with my GCSE'S. I hope you liked my post. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Good values about friendship

Speaking from my past experience it is very difficult to find good friends. Some friends are shy and not really the social type so you should make their life easy by helping them improve their social skills. That's why friendship is the most important thing in our lives.

Not all people are good so you should be careful on who to make friends with. The good thing about friendship is that you are not always alone. You feel like you have someone who cares about you. Another good thing is that when you get to know more about them you get to the interesting part where they talk about their home life you feel like you want to know how they act at home. The bad things that affect them is that they sometimes don't trust you. They can sometimes also break promises. For example, you have a secret diary and your friends find out. They start reading it and tell everyone your secrets. You feel like you don't trust them anymore. That's the bad value about friendship.

I have a few close friends and they actually care about me. I feel like I have someone I trust. We never ever fight. Whenever I have a big secret that I don't want to share with everyone I feel like if I tell them they won't understand and I'll lose trust with them. But always when I have a problem I always tell them about it. I feel much better after I tell them because my problems are going to be solved and I don't have to deal with them anymore.

Sometimes things go wrong in friendships. We sometimes have some childish arguments. And sometimes they're not very good because there's something going on that they're not telling you and they lie to you about it. Sometimes problems are not always solved. It's like in marriage and divorce. There are also some problems that occur in friendship. Maybe some of them are bad so you can't hang out with them anymore and maybe some I don't know have problems and that you can't be together anymore so you have to break up. When you lose friends now you feel lonely and don't have anyone but your family. So that's why it is difficult to find good friendship.

Good friends don't always have to be the same age as you. My sisters are not just my sisters but also my friends. Even my cousins I feel like I'm close to them. Some people lose contact with their friends as they grow older which is a sad way to lose a good friend.

I think friendship is the most important thing in life because if you have no friends you have no happiness and you'll not trust anyone but yourself.