Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost in the Bush

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lisa. She lives in Catersburgh in a cottage with her friends who are; Jane, Alice and Mary. Lisa is 8 and she's got brown eyes and dark brown hair and her best friend is Jane, who's the same age as Lisa, has yellow hair and blue eyes. Her close friends are Alice and Mary,who are 10.
They both have red hair and blue eyes.

One day Lisa and her friends decided to go hiking in the park but Lisa said they should just go cycling.
Everyone agreed to this so they went cycling.
''Hey everyone, look,there's that bush over there,let's go and hide,'' said Mary. So they went.
It was an inscrutable place and Lisa hasn't hidden in this bush before.
They wanted to play hide and seek so Mary was it and everyone went flogging on the side of the bush.
Where shall I go and hide? This place looks negligible to me, Lisa thought.
She was heroic so she hid under a tree next to the hills. She hindered to the tree on one hand and the other hand she put it onto her hips.
Suddenly, Lisa heard a shout coming towards her.
''What's wrong?'' Lisa asked.
''Mary found us, we wanted to get back but now we're lost and doomed,'' Alice cried. It was a sunny day and all the girls were sweating and their faces were mottled.
'' I don't know what we're going to do now, we can't just stand there in the sun we have to find our way home,'' Jane said shaking her head.

At last they found a better way to go back. They climbed those two hills.
''Let's go get some ice cream,'' said Mary happily.
So off they went. Lisa ordered a chocolate sundae, Jane ordered vanilla,Mary ordered Lemon and mint and Alice ordered Strawberry ice cream.  They all sat and munched their ice creams blissfully.


  1. You always have very nice conclusions!

  2. Very well written, loved the pic as well