Saturday, December 31, 2011


Arthur is my favourite show. I've been watching this show since I was 13. I know it's a children's show and I'm too old for this show but still,there are people over 8 who watch this show. It is a better show than the Simpsons. I used to watch the Simpsons but now the new episodes are getting boring so I stopped watching it.

What I like about this show is that it's very educational and it teaches children some good stuff. There are no violence or anything rude. But  another thing that I really really really like is that it teaches children how to talk to your parents and other grown ups politely because I know in other cartoons children are rude to there parents and other people that are older than them.
There are most stuff that are funny and make me laugh so much that is they're all animals but they act like humans,i.e.,they have a school and they have pet animals that can't talk. Another thing that's funny is the way they're fighting and arguing and when the background characters and other things in the background don't move and when babies and pet animals talk,they can understand each other but people older than them they prefer it as gibberish which is baby talk. And last but not least where the characters' clothes change colour.
I also love the way they talk,it's  very cute.

The thing I don't like is that the voices are changing. I know there are some characters I really like their new voices but still there are some which are terrible and please I like the original voices better and I want them to stay forever. I also don't like it when people who are commenting are arguing and making bad comments about this show and other characters that are acting silly. I know you don't like the way some characters act but please there are children watching this show so if you don't like this show don't watch it or don't comment if you don't like the way some characters are acting. And there is one episode called 'Francine and the feline' where Francine's family gets a cat and Francine's sister Catherine names him Rose Petal and after she named him this name,Francine named him Nemo and Arthur started throwing a tantrum that he dislikes cat and it might make Francine to stop being friends with him. I hate cats too but I know people have different opinions saying that cats are smarter than dogs but please don't comment those stuff and say that you hate the way Arthur is acting because they are dog persons and I think dogs are smarter than cats. Arthur was right,cats do bite kids's ears. I was thinking you should produce some more episodes because they were some background characters that were major characters so please I want the other background characters to have a chance too because they are some with few speaking roles and they are some that didn't speak at all.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I suddenly Changed into a Teacher

I looked around me there were students sitting at their desks and I was in a classroom. They  were all staring at me as if I was sick or had an asthma attack. I looked onto my right,I saw a chalkboard and I looked onto my left I saw a teacher's desk and some old posters and pictures on the wall. One boy was sharpening his pencil and one girl was writing something on her pink girlish notebook,so those two students didn't notice me but all the rest of them were sitting,arms folded,books closed and they were not doing anything but just sit there glaring at me.

Then at last,I looked at myself in the mirror,I looked different. I didn't know what was happening to me and where I was.
Finally,I noticed myself I was wearing those red glasses,because I usually don't wear glasses. I looked at the teacher's desk,there was this huge glass case. And beside it,there were boxes of pens and pencils and there was a huge shelf filled with books of every subject. I took out some of the books that were on this huge shelf and placed them on the desk. I took out a chalk and began to write on the board. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Secret Key and Sleepwalking

This is my story of how I was sleepwalking and the adventures I was involved in my dream.
We had just moved to Al Tauwun in Mamzar 1,building. Me and Khamael share a room but Ghadeer has her own room. Khamael didn't appear in this story so I had my own room. But I told her on Skype anyway.

One day I was checking something on my laptop,which is facebook of course. Suddenly I felt somndent so I finished my work quickly and I said goodnight to Mama and Ghadeer and gave them a hug and a kiss.
I got dressed in my pajamas then after that I brushed my teeth,setted my alarm on Salatul Fajir and nuzzled into my bed.

I woke up in a dream,I found myself in a different house but in the same room. Weird isn't it?
I looked at my watch. It was 4am and I was horsing around in my dream in the middle of the night.
I looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed myself I looked different. I wore a black shella,abaya,red glasses,siver shoes and white socks. I sneaked in the corridor,everything looked different too. There were stairs. ''Am I living in a strange house?'' I asked myself. I went downstairs into the hall.
I fell down. I looked down,I had stumbled on a handbag. I glared at the hall. Nothing looked different,the furniture was the same. I walked to the door. Beside the door I saw an additional table with a bunch of keys.
One of the keys were silver and sparkling. There was this secret key,I saw it in my own eyes.
I took the handbag I had tripped on then I grabbed this secret key with my right hand and unlocked the door and went outside. I was in the garden. It was very dark and I could see stars glittering in the sky.
I opened the main door of the house and walked into the streets. This place is slumberous,I thought.
There were only a few cars moving. I crossed the street slowly and carefully. I saw a mosque in front of me and two buildings next to it. ''Let's go into this mosque and pray there,'' I said to myself.
I agreed to myself so I crossed the street and hurried to the mosque. As I walked towards the mosque there were lots of sand. I really hate walking in sand it makes my beautiful shoes dirty and I have to wash them.

In the women's prayer room outside there were two doors. In the right hand side and the left.
I opened the first one it was locked then I opened the other one it was locked too.
''Oh no,what do I do now,stand there and wait till it's prayer time then someone can come and unlock it,'' I said to my imaginary friend. Aha,the secret key,I thought. I took the key out of my handbag,unlocked the door and marched in. It was dark and spooky so I turned on the light. There was an ablution place. Then where's the prayer room? I thought.
Finally,I saw a door,opened it and went inside. The room was large. There was a shelf with Quran readers,salah clothes and prayer mats. I found a spot to pray in front of a clock that said it was 5:05. I heard the Adhan then I prayed.

I finished praying then hurried outside. I had my eyes on my watch. It was 5:15. So I ran outside,crossed the streets carefully and at last I reached our home. I woke up,I found myself in the corridor. Everything was back to normal. I saw the main door of our house,it was unlocked so I locked it. It was salah time for Fajir and my alarm suddenly went of. I accidentally setted my alarm at 4am. I was about to go to the bathroom,I accidentally unlocked the door of our house. I had been sleepwalking. I heard the bathroom door open. Ghadeer came out.
''Did I just hear something,what was that?'' she asked.
''I just locked the door,'' I panted.
''What's wrong?''
I was too diffident to say. Mama woke up.
''What's wrong with her?'' Mama asked Ghadeer.
''I don't know,she's acting weird,'' Ghadeer replied.
''What's wrong with you today?'' Mama asked glaring at me.
''Nothing,I'm fine,okay,''I sighed.
I walked away into the bathroom to do my wudhoo they were still staring at me. I didn't feel like telling them what happened so I decided I'd tell them the next morning after I wake up.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Getting Lost

I was almost 14 years old when I wrote this story and my 14th birthday was coming up. I was born in 1997 in the Royal Free Hospital(mentioned in the birth story) in London. I live with my mum and I have two sisters called Khamael and Ghadeer. Khamael is oldest and I'm the youngest. She's 21 years old and she's two years older than Ghadeer. I like school,homework,pizza,chocolate,ice cream and pancakes.
But the worst thing that happened to me in my life and also most thing I hate is getting lost so I'm going to tell you my story of how I got lost in a store.

We were at my uncle's house first drinking tea. I don't drink tea by itself but I drink milk with it.
My uncle's name is Khalo Hasan and he has three children,Zozo,Mustafa and Batool. My other uncle named Khalo Baqir and cousin Aliya had just came from London. We were discussing and planning our outing to the snow park at the mall of the Emirates. So we got dressed so me,Zozo,Aliya,Mustafa,Batool,Khamael,Ghadeer,Khalo Baqir and Khalo Hasan went in the car.
But we went in mama's car so we chatted and listened to the tape of Anasheed.
We reached at last. It was prayer time so we had to go to the prayer room. Aliya had a pack of paper turbas for all of us. We finally finished praying and went to this place. But the problem was the prize of the snow park for 2 hours was too expensive so we couldn't afford that. We wandered around the shops and took pictures at some beautiful places we've seen. We went to the food court so Aliya bought a KFC chicken and water bottles for us. I really hate KFC.

We finally went to Borders but I forgot to take my Borders card. I went to the children's section and went to look for books I wanted to buy. I saw Jacqueline Wilson books I've just read. Then I saw some love Jacqueline Wilson books like 'Lola Rose'. I looked at 'Goosebumps' but it was so sad because I couldn't find 'The Night of the Living Dummy'. I booked some books in my head that I wanted to buy for later on which is 'The Naughtiest Girl Again by Anid Blyton' and 'Twins At St.Clares by Anid Blyton' that Aliya wanted to get me. I looked for Harry Potter books but there was only one book called 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Halows', there were no other books.  I finally finished and went to look for them but there was no sign of them. I looked where I last saw them but they were also not there. I then realized I was lost so I said to myself ,''What do I do now? I'll just wait till they find me but they never forget about me.''
I stayed calm and stood near the door so they can find me easily. Meanwhile,they were walking towards the car park. Khamael wanted to hold my hand but she realized I wasn't with them. Ghadeer started crying and said,''Oh my god,what do we do now?'' They were all very worried.
Khamael said,''I know where Huda is,she's in Borders.'' But they didn't know where Borders is so Khamael started running like crazy,her shoes almost fell off. Then she saw a young girl with a red scarf. She recognised this girl and shouted my name,''Huda,Huda,thank god you're all right,we were so worried about you!'' she said. At last she found me so we to Cafeteria Al Ijaza and ordered juice.

The next day me,mama and Khamael went to Mirdif City Centre and they bought me books and a mobile phone. The mobile phone was a good idea.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Locked in my Room

I am going to tell you my story of how I got locked in my room. I was only 2 years old.
We had just moved to Sharjah at Al Khan. I have sisters called Khamael and Ghadeer.
Khamael was 9 and Ghadeer was 7. The three of us used to share a room.
We used to have a bunk bed and another small bed. Ghadeer used to sleep on top and Khamael on the bottom. I had my own small bed.

One day before lunch time when everyone was praying I saw a key on the table.
I glared at the key. Mama and baba had this key to lock their rooms so we wouldn't come into their room and disturb them. I took that key and went into our room. On the outside door of our room there was this yellow teweetea and there were coloured paintings beside my bed. I closed the door.
I don't really remember what I did with this key but I played tricks with it. I was only little so I didn't understand. I accidentally locked myself. I didn't believe it and I was worried I'd be in big trouble.
I tried opening the door it didn't work then I tried with the key it still didn't work.
I was agitated because I didn't know what to do. I cried and cried and tears streamed through my cheeks.
''I don't know what to do I can't stay like a prisoner in my own room!'' I wailed.
I was also afraid one of my sisters might open this door and find out it is locked then I'd be in really really really big trouble. I heard the door opening.
''Don't worry Huda,everything will be fine they'll come and fix it,'' I said to myself.
I heard mama cry,''Oh no,my idolized little girl is locked up in her room,what do we do now?''
They tried knocking on the door.
''Huda,open up please right now,'' Khamael said. I tried unlocking the door I failed.
''Maybe you should call the company they'll send some of the men to come and fix it,'' Baba said. They all agreed.

An hour later it was almost lunchtime. Nobody ate their lunch till I was out. The doorbell rang.
In came two workmen. I finally heard a slit. The door was beginning to get unlocked.
I was happy this solved the problem so I jumped in my bed in excitement. The problem was fixed finally and the door fell open. Mama,Baba,Khamael and Ghadeer were standing smiles on their faces. They were delighted to see me.
''Hadawi,I'm glad you're okay we were all worried,'' Mama said joyfully. Then she kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. We finally set off for lunch,we were all dying of hunger. I don't remember what we had for lunch but anyway we ate a yummy lunch.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My sister the copycat

My older sister is annoying,
She also copies me the way I talk,eat and sleep.
I can't take it anymore and she once followed me everywhere.
I want to give her a punch beep.

She also copies the style of my hair.
Now she watches my show.
And wears the same hair bow.

She always buys the same things as me.
I want to give her defeat.
She runs after me when I run.
The next day I was doing a test she began to cheat.

I wish my sister would mind her own business.
It's like having a twin.
She always liked to sit next to me.
I hope she's not copying me anymore then I'll win.



This is my story of how I was born. We used to live in London. Khamael was 7 years old and Ghadeer was 5. Mama was pregnant with me for her last month. 
One day Ama Nabeeha announced Khamael and Ghadeer, ''Your mum has gone to the hospital to have her baby,you're going to have a sister,'' she declared. 

Khamael and Ghadeer were thrilled so they jumped in their beds for excitement. I was born in the Royal hospital. Baba took my sisters to the flower shop first to buy some flowers for mama. 
The owner of the shop was a young lady who had long red hair and long pointed nails. 
''Take these flowers please,'' she said. They paid and went. 

They finally went to the Royal hospital. I don't remember what room number I was born in. 
There was me,I looked fleecy and I had this line whenever I smile. 
''Thanks for the flowers,'' mama said happily. Mama and baba were debatable on what to name me so they name me Fatima. We took the car and went. At home we had lunch. Khamael gave mama clothes while she changed me. 

One day at breakfast while mama was feeding me baba was thinking on what to name me so he named me Raai3a. But this name was difficult to spell. ''I was thinking we should name her Huda,'' baba said. 
Huh,come on,Huda,Nada,Zainab,Fatima and so on,'' mama said exasperated. 
''Huda,'' baba replied. They all liked this name. 
All our relatives were invited to our house to congragulate mama for having me.