Sunday, May 27, 2012

Death of a pet

Once there lived a girl called Andy Mophett. She used to have two cats named Funny and Tappy. One of them is named Funny because he used to make funny faces whenever he tried to get everyone's attention. The other one was named Tappy because she used to like dancing so much. Whenever she heard some melodous music she goes tap tap with her feet.

One day Andy taught Funny some tricks. She started jumping around and making some funny noises which made Andy chuckle. This made the other cat, Tappy jealous.
''Come on boy, sit,'' said Andy to Funny. Funny sat.
''Fetch the ball Funny,'' said Andy. Funny fetched a large red ball. They played catch with it and some other games. Tappy was feeling a bit left out so she tap tapped on her own. She tried to get Andy's attention but she was too busy practising her tricks with Funny.
Five minutes later, Tappy wasn't feeling very well so she couldn't move her feet anymore. Andy went up to her.
''Tappy, are you okay?'' she asked. Suddenly she wasn't moving anymore.
''Tappy, Tappy!'' Andy shouted,''are you okay?'' But still Tappy didn't reply.
''Mom, Tappy isn't feeling very well,'' Andy said.
''Why, what's wrong with her?'' asked her mother.
''She was okay a few minutes ago mom, I didn't notice her because I was busy practising with Funny.''
''Then what happened?''
''I suddenly heard a strange noise so I turned around and then I saw Tappy. She wasn't even moving.''
''I think we should take her to the vet,'' mom sighed.

A few minutes later, Andy and her mom took Tappy to the vet so they left Funny at home. Funny felt sorry for Andy and Tappy. He and Tappy used to be best friends but they became jealous of each other whenever they take each other's attention. The vet checked on Tappy.
''I'm afraid your cat is gone now,'' said the vet sadly.
''What? Do you mean she's dead?'' asked Andy shocked.
''Yes, I'm afraid so,'' replied the vet.
As Andy and her mom got home they arranged a funeral for Tappy. Funny felt sorry for his owner Andy because he saw her crying. Andy felt like this is the end of the world. Tappy was dead! Mrs. Mophett patted her crying daughter.
''Don't worry sweetheart, I felt the same way as you when my fish died,'' she said.
Andy, her mom and Funny put some roses on Tappy's grave. Andy put a letter which said, 'you've been a good pet to me' and Funny put, 'you're my best friend forever' and Mrs. Mophett  put, 'a good to my daughter, Andy.'
''Tappy, I'll never forget you,'' said Andy.
When Andy went to bed she couldn't sleep. She kept thinking about Tappy and how she was happy and comfortable in cuddling with both Funny and Tappy. Now she has only one cat and the other cat is gone forever!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can you guess what that is?

You can wear her on your feet. She sometimes can make inconvenient noises. She is not very expensive when you can afford her. She has a pretty style and colour. She can match with any possible colour. E.g. , if you wear a red dress she is the precise colour because she also has a red line. If you run very fast she is swift. If you were deft with her for more than a year she's not going to tear off.  She's also good for sports. If you wear her at a PE class she's very comfortable. You can also wear her at special occasions like parties and weddings. When you dance she'll go tap tap. You would be shocked if you found out that someone annihilated her. You should take good care of her because she belongs to you and not to anyone else. But you can share her with your friends, partners or sisters.

Can you guess what this is

It's a squared shaped thing and it has a roof on top. Outside it has a garage and it has three doors. The front door which opens to the hall, the back door which opens to the kitchen and the basement door. There is also an attic upstairs with one hideabed. It's a huge bed for two people. It looks a bit like the basement but it may not be like it and it might be peculiar to you. There are six rooms. The living room with the television, the guest room, the closet room where there is an aisle, the dining room where you can eat an appetising meal and two bedrooms.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Haunted Room

I held my breath and waited. I was sitting in an unfamiliar room with lots of posters and closets. I waited till somebody came. The room was locked and the key was lost. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the window fell open. The wind flew and papers flew like airplanes all around the room. A black cat came and ate the papers and posters. This cat hadn't eaten the whole paper it just chewed and dropped it. I screamed. I tried to call for help nobody heard me. Then all of a sudden, the closet opened a crack. A pencil was alive. It was huge! It had long sharp claws. I hid behind the door. The door slowly began to unlock. Nobody was standing outside in the doorway.

''Hello,'' said a voice.
''Who are you?'' I said shivering.
''I am the ghost of crime,'' replied the voice.
I stood there beside the door unable to speak.
''What do you want?'' I asked.
''Follow me,'' said the ghost. I followed him outside. He took me to a room full of old junk. The ghost took out a coin.
''Look at this, I heard about you playing with it,'' the ghost said showing me the coin.
''But I never touched it, I never came near it,'' I said.
''Well of course you have. One person I know saw you. You were playing 'heads and 'tails with it.''
Is he kidding me or something? I never touched that stupid coin, I thought. The ghost disappeared. I went back to my old room and thought things over. Suddenly a paper flew at me. It said,
'Huda has been using this gold coin since she started school. She took it to school with her and showed it to her friends. At break time she played 'heads and 'tails with it. Regards Ben Wenwolf, ghost of crime.' I went to my drawers and opened it. There was the coin Ben the ghost had been talking about. The ghost never appeared again. I took out the coin.
''This is mine now, I'm going to spend it as my money,'' I said to myself. So I took out my purse and placed the coin in.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Arthur The Cartoon Character

Sunday May 1st
Dw, my younger sister, kept pestering me. I kept on telling her to shut up she wouldn't. So I told mom. She said that I should totally ignore my bratty sister. Pal, my dog, kept licking my face. It just tickles so much that I couldn't stop laughing. I badly wanted to go to the library to get some books but it isn't open untill Monday so now I'm locked up in my own house and I just don't know what to do because my friends are all busy doing their homework. Actually, all of us are busy so we're not allowed to go anywhere till we're finished with our homework. I hate homework. It's so boring and tiring. But anyway, I take a bit of a break. Mr.Ratburn, our teacher, is very tough and strict. He gives us a lot of hard work.

Monday May 3rd
I went to school today. Everybody in my class was complaining about yesterday's homework and how they were struggling with it. I don't understand why Mr.Ratburn gives us so much homework over the weekends especially on the holidays. They were also complaining about their parents not helping them. I kept asking them why they didn't call me so I could come over to their house and help them. They just don't care about other students helping them which isn't fair. I'm happy because my homework was easy for me and even if I'm struggling with it I ask my parents to help me. They understand everything so they do. I asked Buster, my best buddy, if he could come over to my house after school but he wasn't sure about it because we may have a lot of homework to catch up with. He just wanted to play some video games with me. After I finished with my homework I sneaked outside while everyone else was asleep to the 'sugar bowl' all by myself. I ordered a strawberry milkshake. When I came back home I never told anyone about it including Dw.