Thursday, January 12, 2012


Once upon a time there was a girl called Batool who was only 8 years old and she was turning 9 in June.
One day Batool was reading a book about a girl who has already worn hijab. Her birthday was next month. She was wondering what change would be in her and wishes she wanted to make. Her mom told her,
''Batool, you'll be turning 9 next month and we will not just have a birthday party but a Takleef party and you'll be wearing hijab. Now  what I want you to do is write invitations then give them to all of your muslim friends. They will be lots of presents for you and surprises.  While you go to your friend's house, I am going to take a trip to the store to buy some party supplies.''
The next day at school, Batool gave the invitations to all of her friends. She had 8 friends and only 7 of them wore hijab but there was one without hijab. Their names were; Zahra, Noor, Huda, Nada, Aminah, Fatima, Maryam and the one without hijab was Samira. They looked at their invitation then at Batool. They were captivated because they'd never been to a Takleef party before.
''Wow, I can't wait to see you wear hijab after your Takleef party, I wonder how you'll look like with the hijab,'' said her best friend, Aminah.
''I'd never wore hijab in my whole life,prayed, been to the mosque or fasted every day in Ramadan,'' said Batool.
''Then you'll have to wear hijab everywhere, even when they are visitors at your house, who are men,'' declared Huda.
''You'll have to go to Friday prayers every week in the mosque,'' said Maryam.
''And fast everyday in Ramadan, it's wajib,'' added Fatima.
The bell rang. '' Got to go, see you after school,'' declared Noor.

Six hours later, after school Batool's mom was at the gate. So Batool and her friends went in the car.
Batool's mom  dropped them at Aminah's house and then she headed to the store to get some party supplies for Batool's Takleef party.
The girls had so much fun at Aminah's house. They ate popcorn and watched a movie called 'The Secret Life of Animals', listened to Anasheed and played hide and seek.
An hour later, Batool's mom was at the door so Batool had to go home and help her mom get everything ready. She cleaned the house, setted the table and hung up the balloons.
There was a knock at the door. Batool went to get it, it was Aminah and her mom. She was holding a present shaped like a jewel box. She gave it to Batool but she didn't get a chance to thank her so she decided to thank her later after she opens her presents.
Ten minutes later, Batool's friends were all there so the party was ready to begin. Batool's mom played the Anasheed on the tape. Everyone,including Batool began to dance like crazy. Suddenly, they were all starving so they went to the table. At the table there was a chocolate and in the whipped cream it said 'Happy Birthday and Takleef Batool' there was a pack of chocolate chip cookies, a pack of chips and 9 party hats.
Everyone got a slice of cake and wore their party hats. Everyone ate everything so there was only a few food left and there were crumbs lying on the floor everywhere.
Five minutes later, it was Batool's present opening session so she unwrapped the presents.
Aminah got her a watch, Maryam ,a princess doll, who also wore hijab, Samira, a hijabish red shirt, Noor, a Quran book, Huda, a white hijab, Nada, a prayer mat, Fatima, a duaa book and Zahra an abaya.
Batool thanked them all and said,''You're my best friends I ever had!''

The next day Batool wore her white hijab that Huda had given her to school. Batool's friends liked seeing Batool wear hijab. Nobody teased her the way she looks.


  1. This is a beautiful beautiful story!
    Batool's really lucky to have such encouraging friends. My favourite part is how they're dancing like crazy on anasheed lol.

    Please write a second part sometime and tell us how Batool's life changed after talkif!

  2. i love how Batool always loves playing nasheeds! Maybe you should read this to our real Batool too! I'm sure she'll be really inspired!