Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Missing Earring: Part 4

The next day, I told Andy about my dream and she gave me a I-told-you-so look. As we were eating breakfast, we spot someone familiar. I whisper to Andy, ‘’Andy, look, it’s that guy from my dream, the same guy we had questioned yesterday.’’
‘’Well come on then, let’s go tail him,’’ said Andy.
So Andy and I observe that guy and follow him as he gets up from his seat, all the way from the lift to his room. I found out that his room is next to ours on the same floor we’re in.
‘’Oh, brother,’’ I sighed.
Andy and I ended up trapped in this guy’s room.
‘’Oh no, we’re doomed!’’ Andy exclaimed.
The guy looks at us and smirks,’’ Well, well, well. We meet again.’’
‘’I’m Henry by the way,’’ he said grinning maliciously.
‘’I bet you’re wondering where your earrings and you think I stole them, did you?’’
‘’Well you know what,’’ Henry continues saying,’’You’re right, I did steal them.’’
‘’Why?’’ I asked.
‘’To make money,’’ he replied smugly.
‘’But sir, there are other ways to make money besides stealing other people’s possessions,’’ I said.
‘’Hey, don’t tell me how to do my job, lady!’’ he snarled,’’I do rob people for a living you know.’’
‘’You’re sick!’’ I shouted angrily.
Henry laughed evily, takes out a gun from his pocket and points it at Andy. Andy and I gasp.
‘’No, please don’t hurt her,’’ I  sobbed.
‘’Don’t worry, I won’t hurt your friend unless you cooperate and do as I tell you.’’
Hah, I’m not going to let this scumbag boss me around.
I kick him in the groin then try to take the gun from the guy’s hands, Henry tries to take it out of my reach but I’m stronger than him, so I succeed in taking the gun out of Henry’s hands and shoot him. Henry falls to the ground unconscious.
I just hope I didn’t kill him. I’ll call the police and tell them it was self-defense, which isn’t a complete lie. I did do it for self-defense but I also did it to protect Andy. I dialed 911 and told the dispatcher about what happened, the address of our hotel, and what Henry looked like.
Five minutes later, the police and ambulance came, since Henry has to be treated for his bullet wounds before he goes to jail. Thankfully, the police understood why I shot him and I wasn’t arrested.

Andy thanked me for saving her life. We hugged each other.
‘’I don’t know what I would do without you,’’ she said tearfully as she hugged me.
Andy and I went to this ice cream shop which was 10 minutes away from the hotel. I ordered chocolate ice cream and Andy ordered strawberry ice cream.
She smiled at me then said, ‘’ I have something for you. To show my appreciation for  your heroism, I want you to have this.’’  She takes out a red box then gives it to me. I open it to see my pearl earrings. I was astonished.
‘’What, Andy, how?’’
‘’As soon as you called the police, I decided to take a peak at this guy’s bag and I found your stolen earrings in there,’’ she said grinning at me.
‘’I guess you were right about him,’’ I said, ‘’we knew it was him as soon as we saw him I had a negative vibe about him, it turns out my instincts were right after all.’’

I was thrilled to have my earrings back. Andy and I embraced each other. I wouldn’t ask for a better friend than Andy. It was all thanks to her that I recovered my lost earrings. 

The End

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Missing Earring: Part 3

Andy and I started putting up signs of a lost earring, by putting our name, phone number and offering a reward to anybody who finds it.
Andy smirks and says, ‘’This is a good way to bribe someone who could have your earrings, Holly.’’
‘’I don’t think they’ll weasel their way out of it.’’ I laughed.
Andy and I order ice cream from the ice cream truck. I had chocolate and Andy had strawberry and vanilla. We observed other people. People-watching is Andy and I’s favourite hobby, we observe people through our binoculars without them noticing. We saw a woman pushing her baby in a stroller and a man with sunglasses who had a black bag. I know you shouldn’t judge people by their looks, but this guy looked suspicious, and Andy and I started getting negative vibes from him. I rummaged through my purse, took out my notebook and noted down our no.3 suspect. Andy and I confronted him.
‘’Good afternoon, sir,’’ I greeted him.
‘’Good afternoon to you, ma’am, what can I do for you?’’ the man asked.
‘’We just wanted to ask you some questions. Have you seen our lost earring, somewhere?’’
‘’What? No, I haven’t,’’ he replied warily.
‘’Really? Have you read the signs, sir?’’ I asked.
‘’What are you implying? You think I’m a thief, don’t you,’’ he said with gritted teeth.
‘’No, of course not,’’ I said backing away from the man.
‘’Well yeah, you’re acting like I stole it,’’ he said sarcastically.
We started to get suspicious because of the way he reacted when we asked him about my stolen earring.
Oh no, I wonder, the man knows we’re on to him, what do we do?
‘’Shouldn’t we call the police?’’ Andy asked.
‘’No, not yet,   we are still not one hundred percent sure that he’s guilty,’’ I replied.
‘’But, what if he is? He could be lying, you never know. That is how most suspects behave when they’re being interrogated.’’
‘’I guess you’re right,’’ I sighed then said,’’ but it is better if we don’t get the police involved, like I said, we don’t know for sure if it is really him. He’s innocent until proven guilty.’’

I had a nightmare about our no.3 suspect, which was the man we had confronted earlier, that he kidnapped Andy, then tortured her, while I watched helplessly. The guy takes out a jewelry box and a bag loaded with money, then laughs maliciously. I recognize the pearl earring which he takes out from the jewelry box as mine.
I wake up with a start, sigh with relief when I see Andy still sleeping peacefully next to me, safe and sound.

Andy was right, I thought, that guy could be a thief. Or maybe it was just a dream and my mind was playing tricks on me.

To be continued....

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Missing Earring: Part 2

The next day, Andy and I went to the maid’s office to interrogate her.
‘’Good morning, ma’am,’’ I greeted her.
‘’Good morning to you ladies, to what do I owe this pleasure,’’ she said.
‘’We just wanted to ask you something,’’ I answered.
‘’Well go ahead, dear,’’ she smiled.
‘’Umm, well, you see, a piece of jewelry, which is an earring has been missing from us, since yesterday.’’
‘’Do you have any idea of what happened to our earring,’’ I asked.
The maid hesitates then shakes her head. Andy and I walk away sadly. I take out my notebook, and made a note about the maid being our no.1 suspect.
Andy and I go to the front desk to report the theft to a receptionist, who I’ve learned that her name was Sally, I knew just by looking at her nametag. Sally smiled kindly and told us not to worry and that she’ll find out who the culprit and do anything to help us recover our lost property. However, Andy believes that Sally could be our no.2 suspect.
‘’Oh come on, Andy, this is ridiculous. How could it be her? She sounded genuine with us,’’ I said.
‘’Well you never know, she could be a good actress,’’ Andy implied.
‘’Hmm,’’ I said, then thought for a moment.

Andy might be right. What if the maid didn’t steal it, but Sally did. Or worst of all, what if Sally was the maid’s accomplice? As in, what if she was a lookout for the maid, so she can know when we are leaving, and when we are coming back to our hotel room.

To be continued.... 

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Missing Earring: Part 1

Hi, I’m Holly Brooks. I’m 18 years old. I live with my mum in London, in Harrow. I wear black round glasses , the same shape of glasses that Arthur the main character in my favourite show Arthur wears. Whenever, I lie  or get nervous I tend to play with my glasses just like he does. I have straight brown hair. I wear a long red top with a blue blouse with skinny jeans. Those are what I call my regular clothes. I tend to be shy in new situations  especially when meeting new people. I have one best friend who I can rely on, her name is Andy. We are complete opposites even though we’re best friends, but we have some things in common, we share the same fear, which is the fear of losing each other and we both like desserts which are chocolate tart and chocolate cake. I’m smart, but my grades are like average, I mostly get  C's. I’m quite good at solving mysteries as I’m very stealthy. My dream job is to become a detective like Nancy Drew, who is my role model. My best friend Andy is friendly and outgoing, she likes shopping for clothes and has a love for food like desserts. She makes good jokes which will make me laugh hysterically. She seems a well-rounded person because she is good at like almost everything, in both sports and academics. I  tend to be jealous of her sometimes because she is better than me in sports, which I don’t excel at.

Our story begins on how I solved my first mystery. Andy and were vacationing  in New York. We were staying at a hotel called Central Park Inn, which is very close to Central park, because when you look outside the window, you can see the scenery and view of Central park, with the sounds of the birds chirping. It was a bright sunny morning, Andy and I had just woken up and we were having breakfast downstairs. I had  chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. Andy had chocolate tart with milk tea. Andy was telling me a joke about how  a boy who had a hearing problem went to the doctor, then it turns out he had potatoes in his ear, that joke made me laugh so hard that I choked on my hot chocolate and started coughing violently. Then we discussed on what we were going to do and what sightseeing we were going to see. We then went back upstairs to our hotel room, which was room 304, on the third floor. As I brushed my teeth, I had an eerie feeling that something was missing. I wonder what it is, I thought. I looked in the bathroom mirror and I noticed that my pearl earrings were not on my ears. I looked through my handbag, luggage, under the pillow, and everywhere I can think of, but there were no earrings to be seen. I sighed.
‘’Andy, have you seen my earrings?’’ I asked.
‘’No, Holly, I haven’t,’’ Andy replied.
‘’I looked everywhere in this room, and I can’t find it.’’
‘’When was the last time you had it?’’
I recalled that I had taken off my earrings last night as I went to take a bath before going to sleep and forgot to put them back on. I told Andy about that. I also remember that as we went downstairs for breakfast, we put on a housekeeping sign, then all of a sudden I notice that our room was super clean. I think for a moment, maybe the maid could have stolen it.

To be continued...