Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Trip to New York

I've planned this trip ages ago. I also made a wish that I could there. I keep on wishing for it so it can happen and I hope it will. For the first time I could go with my oldest sister, Khamael and the second time I could go alone. It will be fun. It's a good idea that the first time I could have somebody with me so if I go there for the second time I feel safe because I had somebody with me the last time. New York is a big city and it's easy to get lost so you should always bring a map with you. It's also a not a very safe place because there are lots of robbers there so you should take care of your things, especially yourself. Not everyone is nice so we shouldn't talk to strangers unless they're nice. It's also the city that never sleeps because most of the shops are open at night, including restraunts and cafes. So you could go out anytime you like even at night if you feel like it. I've seen the movie, 'Home Alone 2 Lost in New York', and I've read the book 'Shopaholic Takes Manhattan'. There are good places to go but I'm not sure if some of them exists in real life or not.

I'm always thinking about what I'm going to do there. I could eat at a fancy restraunt or cafe, go to a cinema or theatre to watch a movie or a play, take a stroll in Central park, go shopping and so on.
I daydreamed last time that I was drinking milkshakes in 'cafe Nero' with my sister, Khamael in New York and an Italian American guy who owned the cafe was much more funnier and outgoing than the Nigerian one in Dubai. He always smiled and kept cracking up jokes that can't stop yourself laughing. I hope we'll go there soon and I wish it will be the same guy  as I imagined him.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Minnie Alone

Once there was a young 10 year old girl called Minnie. She live with her mom and her two older sisters called Mary and Dora, who were aged 16 and 14. They weren't very good sisters because they used to bully Minnie so much by teasing her and calling her names. Dora was the most meaniest sister of all. She used to smack Minnie a lot and the things she did wrong Minnie gets blamed for it. Minnie hated them so much that she wishes she was the only child. She hated doing work so much apart from homework.
Her family used to boss her around so much that she wished she was home alone.

One day Minnie was in her room drawing sketches. Her mother came up to her and said,
''Minnie, we're going to our friends' party tonight, you're to stay at home and do all your homework and housework, understand?''
''Yes mum,'' Minnie replied.
At night all the family except Minnie went to their friends' party. So Minnie was left alone. She really liked it. She jumped in her bed in excitement shouting,
''Yess! Finally I'm home alone!''  She put on some loud music and danced happily. Then she remembered her house rule her mom had given her. She had to do the work she was given first. She wasn't supposed to answer the phone or the door unless it was her family. And maybe in anytime her mum is going to call to check on her.
Minnie did all the house rules. She started with her homework first then she did the housework. By the time it was dinner Minnie finished her work. She was free at last! She ate an appetising dinner.
''Mum's going to be so impressed if she finds our house so clean and tidy and my homework all done,'' Minnie thought.
By the time Minnie went to bed she heard her family come back from their friends' party. According to Minnie, her mom was impressed when she found out her work was done. She gave Minnie a goodnight hug and kiss.