Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Being Famous

As you know you probably met or heard about celebrities or other famous in this world. Every famous or popular person has a talent. Some famous people are artists, some are musicians, some are heroes like Harry Potter and some famous people just want to be famous just to get attention.
Sometimes being famous is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing. The good thing is the things that you are  good at. To be famous you have to work harder. And also everyone likes you. But there are some things that are not good. People become obsessed with you, use you or treat you more like a celebrity than a normal person. Some people want to be friends with you just for fame and money, some people might be jealous with you because you are getting all the attention. If  you want to be famous think about what you are good at. And beware of the bad things about being famous. Don't let people put you down. Don't be attention seeking. Not all famous people like attention so don't be one those famous people that are snobs.
Be a good role model. Just be yourself. Treat others like you want to be treated.Beware of stalkers. Famous people are always being stalked so if you are a famous person or want to be famous you probably will be so be careful.

Some famous people do something so good like defeating an evil wizard, saving someone then it comes in the newsapaper and they become famous. Sometimes famous people don't get why those things make them so famous and don't get used to people talking about them. Life can be difficult when you are famous because you  are not used to people whispering and staring at you all the time whenever you approach.