Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lonely Birthday

Hi,my name is Alex and I'm turning 8 tomorrow so I'm going to have a birthday party and I will invite all of my friends so now I'm writing invitations.
I have a sister called Alice who's only 4. She's really brutal to me and I abominate her because she's really annoying and I'm absent-minded and can't do my homework with her around. My mum and dad don't really care about my birthday and they make me wear damp clothes to every party.

''Mom,I can't wear this stupid jacket everyone will laugh at me,'' I whined.
''Don't worry Alex,it'll look fine on you,'' Mum replied.
''But mom-''
''Don't argue with me,now do as you're told!''
I really hate it when my mom makes me wear clothes to school that are incompatible. We live in Crown City and our school is called the Mighty Mountain Elementary School. My best friends are Maria,George,Jenna and Fern. But I really hate Arthur,Molly and Shelley. They're bullies and I hate Shelley the most because he is a big bully and always gives me a big punch. I gave my invitaions to all of my classmates.
They looked at the invitations then at me. They were debatable either to go or not.
''Well,well,well,now we've got a birthday boy here who's having a birthday party tomorrow,'' said Arthur.
''I'm sorry Alex,but we've got two parties to go to,'' said Maria.
''What? I'm not going to those parties anyway and it's my birthday so you should come!'' I cried.
George and Jenna felt sorry for me.
''We're sorry,but your house is too far,'' said George.
Fern shook her head and said I should just spend my time alone.

My family don't care about me and they haven't bought me any presents and there's no cake. I sat there lonely and sang 'Happy Birthday' to myself. I burst into tears because no one loves me and cares about me. I read a book and played with my toys.

The next morning I woke up and hurried to school.
''Hey Arthur, look, there's this birthday boy again,'' sneered Shelley.
They both laughed then Molly came in and was involved too.
''Hey birthday boy, did you have a nice party,'' teased Molly.
''Of course not,'' I answered furiously.
''I hope you didn't sneak out of your house and buy presents for yourself then you'll be in big trouble,'' said Arthur.
I waved to my friends. They were abashed for not coming to my birthday party.
They did a surprise party for me and I felt captivated because I never had this fun party before.


  1. Such a sad story Huda :( But I like the happy ending!

  2. I am so glad the story had a happy ending, cos it felt morbid. I hope no child goes through that in real life

  3. Phew! So glad that had a happy ending, but I was taken aback a little bit because he ABOMINATED his sister. Such a strong word! Have to admit though, in the middle I wanted to jump into the story and give those bullies a sri lankan styled thundering slap!

    Great style of writing and description of details. You are very very good!