Friday, April 28, 2017


Everyone gets jealous from time to time, even the most nice people and quiet people like me gets jealous sometimes. It is not Haram to be jealous, in fact it is normal, but there ways which you can control it and overcome it.

There are many reasons why we get jealous. Sometimes people feel insecure and feel like they are inferior when someone else has something which they don't have but want to such as a fancy car, a mansion, money, etc. We even feel jealous when someone else has accomplished something which we wish we had such as winning a contest, good grades. Even in relationships we feel jealous sometimes when someone who we're close  to spends time with someone else, for instance, you see your best friend spending time with another friend, you feel insecure because you feel like your best friend likes this friend better than you. Social media such as facebook, instagram and snapchat can lead to jealousy because we assume that people's lives are perfect just by looking at their photos, videos and statuses, but the truth is we don't know what they're going through.

Sometimes, extreme jealousy can  cause us to do things which are Haram such as suicide, bullying, stealing, gossiping and spreading rumors, ignoring someone and leaving them out of  a group on purpose.  Allah does not want us to act like this, because if  we resort to any of these negative behaviors there will be consequences such as; being grounded, getting your privileges taken away like mobile phones, being banned from going on field trips,  getting arrested, etc. Please think twice before resorting to any of these bullying behaviors which are listed above.

Here are some examples of cases of jealousy which has occured based on my own personal experience and in general. From my personal experience, I have a cousin who is my age had just got her own driving license. I felt a lump in my throat. I felt like I was going to cry. So I talked to my sister about it, who went through a similar experience and I felt better. I  no longer feel jealous of her right now,in fact I'm happy for here for what she has accomplished. Another example in general which did not actually happen, let's say I get a B minus and another girl gets an A star, my thoughts would be like, 'This is so unfair, I've studied so hard for this test, how come she gets an A star and I get a B minus!' Then some other girl gets a C, I feel relieved, 'Hmm, maybe I didn't do so bad after all, this girl who got the C, is probably feeling jealous of me and this  A star girl too.'  Another example which also didn't happen; my best friend shows me her new house which is huge, it looks like a mansion, she has like everything, a limo, more than six bedrooms and even her own burger king restaurant, here are my thoughts,'Oh she and her family are so rich, they have like everything, she is so spoiled, how come she gets  to live in this mansion while I get to live in a three-bedroom flat.' See what I mean? This is  how we feel like when we are jealous.

When you are feeling jealous, let out your emotions in a constructive way. Please don't bottle them up, it's not good. Do not resort to abusive behaviors which I have mentioned before. Don't ignore someone who you  are jealous of or give them the silent treatment, you don't want them to feel like,
'Why is she treating me like this? What did I do wrong?' In other words, you don't want them to think that they've done something wrong.  If you have ever hurt someone whether physically or emotionally, please apologize, they may or may not forgive you and sadly, your relationship might  not be the same as it was before. Whenever you're spending time with your close friend or family member  and you feel jealous, talk to them about it and try  to work it out and make sure that your jealousy doesn't get in the way, you don't it to ruin your relationship with others. right? Please don't compare yourself to other people. Their life might not be as perfect as it seems. Instead focus on your strengths rather than theirs. If you are facing extreme jealousy, and it is taking over your life please seek help from a therapist. Please talk to someone about your feelings whenever you feel envy towards someone. they can give you good advice and you never know, they might go through a similar experience as you. Trust me, you'll feel better after talking to someone.

Now that we've feel talked about what to do when you are jealous, but what about when someone is jealous of you? Here is what you can do. Firstly, try to talk to this person, remind them of all the things which they are good at, and talk to them about the tough experiences which you've been through, it might make them feel better. If a jealous person ever tries to physically harm you or emotionally harm you, please seek help. They'll learn their lesson soon enough.

Jealousy is a normal feeling to have which everyone including us, people from all different backgrounds and religions experience. However, it can lead to aggressive behavior like bullying.
There are ways to overcome jealousy by talking to someone you trust about how you feel.

Friday, January 6, 2017


Iraq is one of the best countries in the world. It is where I come from. The best things about Iraq is the culture, religion. Cities I've visited are Najaf, Karbala and Baghdad. Here are a list of things that I liked about Iraq and the things that I didn't like.
1) My family/relatives live there
2) People are friendly and welcoming
3) Feels like home
4) Grandparents buried there
5) My country, understand local language
6) Visting  Imams, Ali, Al-Khadim and Imam Jawad
7) Weather, when it is not too hot or too cold
8) Scenery

1) Reckless driving
2) Electricity going off
3) Muddy area, sand
4) Weather, when it is too hot or too cold
5) Traffic, congestion
6) Screaming kids
It seems like I have more likes than dislikes. Visiting the hadraths was one of the best experience ever. My sister's aqad took place there being arranged by beloved uncle sheikh, my favourite uncle. The hotels we stayed in were very nice and cozy, but not as cozy as staying in my uncle sheikh's  house. My plan for the future is to live in Iraq for like 2 to 3 years. 2 years in Najaf and one year in Baghdad. If all goes well, I'll live in Iraq for the rest of my life, residing in Najaf, and might work in Baghdad, that doesn't mean I won't look for a job in Najaf, depends on the circumstances. So far so good, I'm proud to be Iraqi.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Shoplifting is stealing goods from the store without paying. Shoplifting and stealing in general is a really serious offense and is punishable by law, it is also really Haram. When we shoplift, we lose control of our nafs. When you shoplift what comes to your mind? How do you feel? Some people feel relieved after stealing an item and the thought about getting away with it, but the truth is if you steal you won't be happy, you'll feel guilty because you know that what you did was wrong. Imagine what would happen if you get caught shoplifting. You'll get kicked out of the store, you'll have to pay a fine if it is a first time offense and have to do community service to make up of what you've done. If you shoplifted more than once or committed other crimes, then you've committed a felony and have to serve your time in jail. Your family, friends and other people who care about you would be very disappointed in you. And the customers would have to pay extra and the shoplifter will be held accountable for his/her actions. It might also end up on the thief's criminal record, this might make it harder to get a job. Now the question is, why do some people shoplift? Some people suffer from a mental disorder called Kleptomania, in order to stop stealing, they'll need therapy or a mental health professionist. Others feel the need to steal because of peer pressure or because someone dared them to do it. Some people steal because they feel that something is missing in their lives, but stealing won't fix what is missing. Also, when people see an item they can't afford, they are so desperate to get it that they steal it, but in fact the best thing that you can do is to either buy something else that is cheaper or buy the same item that is cheaper in other stores. Finally the reason why people choose to shoplift is out of revenge, to get back at a store. Others do it because they're bored and don't have something useful to do. 
There are ways to stop shoplifting. Firstly, if you suffer from kleptomania, see a therapist, they'll tell you some good tips to stop your ways. Whenever you find yourself thinking about taking an item without paying, tell yourself to stop, distract yourself or get someone to distract you whenever you find yourself about to steal. It is a good idea to tell your family or friends about your addiction to stealing if you're addicted to stealing, they'll help you overcome it. If you ever find yourself thinking about shoplifting, like, 'This looks really nice, but I can't afford it, I'll just take it without paying, hope I don't get caught.' Or, 'I'm bored, I'm going to go rob a store.' Replace those negative thoughts into positive ones like,' I want this item, but it's wrong to steal it.' or ' I'm bored so I'm going to study in a coffee shop, besides I don't want to ruin my future by robbing a store.' As I just mentioned here stealing does ruin your future because if you shoplift you'll end up with a criminal record which will make it difficult to get job opportunities because they'll have to do a criminal background check before they hire you. You don't want end up in a life of crime, trust me. Spend your time doing other things besides shoplifting like reading, volunteering, if you want to be a librarian like me do some volunteering in a local library. If you want to steal to get revenge on the store, then think about the consequences, prices will increase, you'll get in serious trouble, besides they're not worth it, you're better than those mean store clerks. 

Authors note: Sorry I hadn't updated in a year, I was so busy studying for my IGCSE's, I'm waiting for my results now and there was so much going on in my life. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Home Alone: my story

Most of you have seen a Home Alone movie where a boy named Kevin Mcallister gets accidentally left behind at home when his family goes to Paris. He defends his home from two burglars who attempt to break into his home. Now I'm going to tell you my story if I was in this boy's position. The  story would take place in London, instead of Chicago. 
Summary: I get left home alone because my dad is away on business, my mum and my sisters are out of town to see my uncle and his family. I'm left at home alone because I have homework to do and have to deal with two burglars who attempt to break into my house. 
Now my story begins. I'm sitting in my room which  I share with my eldest sister Khamael. She enters. 
"What are you doing?''she asked.
Nothing,''I replied, closing my laptop.
''Don't you have homework to catch up on?''
''Well yeah, I do but it is not due till Monday, so I'm taking a break now.''
''Oh okay. By the way, Mama,Ghadeer and I are going to Surrey to visit Uncle Hasan and his family, want to come?''
''Sorry can't, I've got lots of homework to do.''
''It's okay, I understand. I'm glad that you are using your time efficiently, Huda. But are you sure you will be fine by yourself?''
"Don't worry, I'll be fine, I know what to do.'' 
Khamael smiled and hugged me and went to tell Mama what I told her. 
''I'm worried about Huda. It's not that I don't trust her,'' I heared Mama say, ''it's just that we might live in a not so safe neighbourhood in Notting Hills. I'm worried something bad might happen to Huda.''
Don't worry Mama,'' Ghadeer said,''Huda will be fine, she's very brave.'' 
I smiled at what Ghadeer said. Mama, Khamael and Ghadeer got ready to leave. Mama gave me safety rules such as not answering the phone and door to strangers and calling them if I needed anything or if anything happens. 
I waved them goodbye and went to my room and did my homework.
The next hour after I finished my Maths homework I decided to go make myself some chocolate milkshake when suddenly I heard a noise. 
What was that?I wondered. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to go investigate a bit so I decided to peak through the curtains. I gasped. I saw two men with crowbars. One was short and bald and the other was tall and blond. They were going to break into our house. 
''Which way do we go?''asked the blond guy.
''Through the back door.''
I ran quietly to my room, hid in my closet and put a Hijab on my head in case those guys make it into to my room. 
''I've heard that this family is Muslim. Most muslims are loaded.'' the short guy said. 
''Really, Harry, they're muslim. I've never met a muslim in my life.''
''Look, Mark, who cares let's just rob this house and get out of here.''
Oh no, they know about our religion. I thought about what I heard of them say. I recognise one of them, the short guy named Harry. He was the the police officer who checked into our house last night, he was talking to Mama about our security system. I shouldn've known this was going to happen. I took out my cell phone and and called 999. I told the operator everything about what happened. How the burglars looked like, where I am now, our address and the burglar's names. I kept on line, so if Harry and Mark make it into my room, find me and threaten me, the police will hear what is going on. 
''There is a muslim girl named Huda in this room. They've left her home alone because she has homework to do.'' Harry said.Oh no, they know that I am home alone. I'm screwed now. 
An idea struck me. I took out a pocket knife from the closet. 
The door burst open.
''Aha, there she is, she is wearing a head scarf.''
I stabbed them with the knife . Then the police arrived and arrested the criminals. 
Mama called, Khamael, Ghadeer, and even Uncle Hasan and his family called. They've heard about what I have done. The police told them everything. They told me how brave I was and that they were proud of me. Enough said. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

If Reva Dalby, the Silent Night character was real

Imagine if Reva Dalby in the book called Silent Night by R.l Stine was real. She is the richest girl in Shadyside. Her dad owns a hundred department stores and her mother died in a plane or car accident, whatever it was I forgot. Would she be your friend or enemy? She would be my enemy because I hate her, she would be jealous of me because I would beat her in every class and also I would refuse her offer of friendship just like Harry did to Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.

We would meet in a shop called Debenhams. This is how our meeting would turn out:
Reva: Hi
Me: Hi
Reva: What's your name?
Me: Huda
Reva: I'm Reva, by the way where does your father work?
Me: Sorry?
Reva: Where does your father work?
Me: He works as an engineer.
Reva: Yes, I meant where? Does he own a department store just like my father does?
Me: That is really not your concern.
Reva: I was just asking. What is wrong with that?
Me: I really appreciate it if you don't ask personal questions.
Reva: ok
Reva: Where are your parents?
Me: They are here in the men's section. What about yours?
Reva:None of your business
Me: Sorry
Reva:  My mother died in a plane crash, my father is working in a department store called Dalby's. They made a branch here in Dubai. I get to work in a perfume counter. It's so boring. Annoying customers come up to me asking for help. Why don't they ask someone else, can't they see I'm busy? My supervisor is also annoying, she keeps on lecturing me on how to behave. She's my supervisor not my boss or my mum. I also put a black dot on my nail just to annoy her. Want to see? ( shows me her nails)
Me: (makes a disgusted look)
Reva: Why are you wearing that scarf, are you cold?
Me: No
Reva: Who are you dating or are you single?
Reva: I asked who are you dating? What's wrong with asking questions, huh?
Me: I really appreciate it if you didn't ask such questions. Goodbye(leaves)
Mama: What's wrong?
Me: I just had a bad encounter with a girl  named Reva. She was asking rude questions.
Mama: Don't let her get to you sweetie
Me: I just hope she doesn't go to the same school that I go to. I just had enough.

The next day much to my irritation, she would go to the same school that I would go to. We would become enemies. She would spread rumors about me but most people wouldn't believe it anyway. I would ignore her insults pretending they didn't bother me but they would. I would go home crying to my parents about it. They would come to the school and talk to the teachers. They would hate her just as much as I do. I mean she would always come to class late and talk back to the teachers. They would try talking to her dad who tells her that he hopes that her attitude would change. He wouldn't even scold her. I mean he always spoils her and does whatever she wants. And thats how it would be like if Reva Dalby was real.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Turtle Secret

I went to my session called 'The Turtle Secret' by Julia Johnson.She was there. She told us about how she experienced turtles, facts about turtles, her story about Turtle Secret and ways to protect the turtles.
The story is about an Emarati girl. She and her uncle are Biologists. They like to find out more about turtles.
In the questions and answers part, I asked a question on a microphone for the first time in my life. The first one in my family! None of my family had the courage to do it. I was nervous while doing this because everyone turned to look at me. I'm not usually an attention seeker. I felt proud of myself after doing that. Everyone was proud of me. Julia also told us some tips about writing. Search for the topic that you are going to write about on the internet, keep a diary and expand your vocabulary.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Being Home alone

Whatever the reason might be, sometimes you find yourself home alone with nobody to keep you company and nothing to keep you occupied. You're probably home alone if you are reading this right now. The advantages of staying home alone is that you have the house to yourself, you can do anything you want without your family breathing down your neck. When you are home alone, it is a good time to do your homework because there is no distractions. It is a good time to daydream because nobody can interrupt you. The disadvantages are is that you might be  bored, lonely and scared because there is nobody with you. For example, your parents have to go to a business meeting, they have no choice but to leave you home alone. So what do you do? Show them that you are mature and responsible by doing your homework, doing chores, not answering the phone to anyone except them, not answering the door to strangers and not throwing a party. If you follow the house rules, then your parents will let you stay home alone more often. Use good time managment skills when you are home alone. In other words, always keep yourself busy and never waste that free time. If you want to daydream or wander around the house then only do it for 5-10 minutes. If you see someone suspicious outside your house or hear suspicious noises, call your parents. Don't investigate suspicious noises on your own. Stay inside your building, never leave your house without your parents' permission. Don't let anyone know that you are home alone except your friends and family, especially on your facebook status. In an emergency, always call your parents, if it is something very serious, call 999 or 911. The good things about being home alone is that the house is going to be quiet and you can do anything without anyone interrupting you. The problems are is that you might feel lonely, bored or scared. You have to also stay safe.