Tuesday, January 10, 2012


School is a place where children are taught. We all know that, right? We all know why we're going to school is because we want to learn new stuff. We want to make friends.
What I like about school is it's fun. I get a lot of homework. I think homework is good for the brain because it teaches me good tips. I don't want to waste my time watching television, eating, sleeping and spending my time on facebook. I also like going to assemblies and my favourite part of it is the certificates and awards because I can't wait to read out my merit to see how well I've done throughout the school term. My favourite subject is Science and favourite part is the experiments because I like investigating stuff.

What I dislike about school is the bullying,fighting and other problems. Another thing is at recess time some students don't sit down when they are eating and they throw the rubbish in the ground. I can't deal with this and teachers always asks the students to pick up the trash and they sometimes don't listen and they are also some other students throwing their food without any reason this is wasting and it is not allowed in the Islamic culture. They sometimes talk when they are not supposed to and it really annoys me and the teachers have to deal with this. I also don't like in Ict when we are free and we can play games one student puts the speaker very loud, it's  very annoying and I can't concentrate on my work. I know they are headphones in the computer lab, why don't they just use them? Last but not least is the bathroom. Whenever I go in it's very dirty and I always smell something very disgusting. I don't know what to do and I can't get out. I really need it.


  1. Huda, I agree with you. I also think homework's much better for our brains than television or facebook. And I don't like seeing students throwing rubbish, or food! Next time you see this happen, why don't you tell them to throw their rubbish in the dustbins and not to waste their food? I'm sure everyone will listen to your angelic voice immediately!

    And yes, eww @ school bathrooms. Mama always tells you not to use it unless it's very urgent!

  2. These problems you talk about you should learn to deal with...you'll be a teacher soon yourself inshAllah and will have to deal with those types of children! xx

  3. Thanks for all your advive. You are the best sisters in the world. When I become a teacher, I will deal with all this problems.

  4. A very nice and wel written post Hadawy. I hope your new school will have clean bathrooms!!