Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ramadan is the nineth month of the Islamic calendar. It's also the holy month that we fast in, read quran and dua and other things too. We always do a Ramadan table every year so we can do good deeds and erase the bad ones that we did. Some people just do good deeds but then after Ramadan and in Eid they start making trouble and ruining everything. We wouldn't want to do that. Here are the list of things that we should  
do or not do that most of us have in our Ramadan table: 

  1. Always fast starting from dawn till sunset.
  2. Be polite to others, especially to family and friends. 
  3. Behave yourselves, don't cause so much trouble especially if you're a troublemaker. 
  4. Control your anger. 
  5. Be honest, don't tell lies 
  6. Don't backbite about anyone. 
  7. Read one jusu quran each day. 
  8. Do wudhoo before going to sleep 
  9. Pray on time
  10. Learn stuff about Islam 
  11. Don't watch or listen to anything that is Haram. 
  12. Pray salatul Layl before going to sleep. 
  13. Read duas 
  14. Use your spare time properly 
  15. Don't watch too much tv or spend more than two hours on the computer. 

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  1. This is brilliant. So proud of you habibty. May Allah shower you with blessings.