Sunday, August 12, 2012

Music and its Effect

Why is music Haram. Because if you go to parties that have loud music or discos you begin to lose control of  
your nafs and forget Allah. We all want to know which music is Halaal and Haraam. Now let me just give you an example. If your friend invites you to his or her you're not sure if you're going or not because it has something to do with music. Well ask your parents if you could go. Just give them time to think about it. You're definitely sure that they're going to say no if your friend's party has some loud music and alcohol. It's not just about music it's also about singing and dancing with the music. If your parents finds out that the music
is Haraam then that's a definitely a no. You're not going to sit there not joining the dancing and singing club with your friends and sit there just eat and do nothing about it. You're going to sit relaxed at home. I'm not joking really. It is Haraam to go to your friend's parties even if you're not going to dance and sing with your friends. If you friend forced you to come than argue with him or her and say no. Your parents forbidded you to go and you've got nothing to do about it.

Background music is some type of music they use in different scenes of each movie. It does not mean that listening to music in the background, i.e. leaving it on while you do your homework, or lowering the volume so that you can have a conversion in the background, whether in a car, a restaurant or at home. This type is music is Haraam and should be avoided.

Classical music is some soft soothing music that you can listen to when you are angry, sad, scared or having trouble going to sleep. Well get cracking. Just go and search on google and choose a classical music that you want to listen to if you are in this mood just to calm you down.


  1. Okay, I'm going to listen to some classical music now Huda!