Monday, August 13, 2012

Manners and Tahara in the Toilet

Here are manners on how to behave in the toilet and how to always keep yourself clean and tidy

  1. Always do Wudhoo before praying. 
  2. You must ask permission to use the toilet if it does not belong to you. 
  3. Do not spend more than 5 minutes in the toilet. 
  4. You must use tahir water to wash yourself by pouring water at least 2 or 3 times. 
  5. It is Makruh to urinate whilst standing. 
  6. It is Mustahab to enter the toilet with your left foot and come out with your right foot. 
  7. It is haraam to face qibla or to keep qibla on the back while you're using the toilet. 
  8. It is makruh to wash oneself with the right hand. 
  9. Clean up all mess you make before you get out from the toilet. 
  10. It is mustahab to do Wudhoo before going to sleep. 


  1. Thanks for the reminder on wudhoo-ing before sleep! x