Friday, August 10, 2012

Hijab Instructions for girls who are mutakaleefin

Hijab is what you call a head scarf. Hijab is not just covering your hair but also your whole part of your body         
except your hands and face. Here are instructions for girls who just started wearing Hijab. 
  1. Girls should wear something under the Hijab so their hair doesn't show. 
  2. Girls shouldn't swim with boys. 
  3. Girls should wear socks with shoes. 
  4. Girls should wear an Abaya when going to the mosque. They shouldn't wear  somnething that is too casual. 
  5. Girls should wear long sleeved shirts. If they want to wear a short sleeved dress or top they should wear a long sleeved shirt under it. They are also supposed to wear long trousers or leggings so their feet doesn't show. 
  6. Girls shouldn't kiss or hug men. They can put their hands on their chests when they greet men. 
  7. When going to occasions, girls should wear Abaya under their  dress, put their their socks on and they can take them off at the wedding or any several parties. 
  8. Girls should wear clothes for praying if they are not going to wear their Hijab. 
  9. Girls shouldn't wear makeup. If they want to put perfume on they should at least put one or two sprays. 
  10. Girls shouldn't go to parties that has boys, loud music, alcohol and other things that are not allowed in Islam.