Thursday, August 9, 2012

Politeness and manners towards others

Not everyone is polite in this real world so some of you guys need to work out on your manners towards other. Here are ways to be polite: 
  1. Say Salam. 
  2. If anyone asks you a question answer them. 
  3. Do not stick out your tongue to anyone when someone asks you on what you want or smiles at you. Smile back instead. 
  4. Don't push people around when you want to pass. Say 'Excuse me can I pass please'. 
  5. Don't bully, tease, boss people around or show off. 
  6. Don't blame others. Especially for the things you did. 
  7. Respect your parents, teachers and other people older than you, especially if they're very strict. You could get punished for being rude to them. 
  8. If someone gives you a present say 'thank you'. If you don't get what you want don't start throwing a tantrum. 


  1. I love my polite sister, everyone needs to learn from you!

  2. Great guideline, and I couldn't agree more with points 7+8! ;)