Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter Writing Formal

Dear Neighbour,
I am writing to you to introduce myself.
I am a muslim and I wear Hijab(a head scarf around my head). I wear glasses and I'm 14 years old. I have two sisters who are older than me. Their names are Khamael and Ghadeer. Khamael is 21 years old and Ghadeer is 19 years old so Khamael is the eldest in my family and I'm the youngest.
We come from Iraq and we were born in London. We've been living in UAE for 12 years.

My sister, Khamael is studying in London and my dad is working in Saudi Arabia in Medina, where the Prophet lived his life. My mum was a teacher when we were in London but she doesn't work anymore but stays at home and does housework. I used to go to St.Andrews International school but I left this year.
The owner and her husband, who own the school are getting divorced. So she moved to another school but it hasn't started yet. It starts in February maybe so I'm studying at home and doing home school.
There's a good interesting cartoon called 'Arthur' if you wanna watch it because I watch about an episode or two in my spare time.

I hope you will be pleased to meet me. Please write back to me soon.
Your sincerly
Huda Al Safi
p.s. My uncle and his family have just moved beneath us. If you wish to come down with us and meet them.


  1. Cutest letter ever!!!! I wish I was the neighbour!

  2. looooooool! really nice letter! but you can remove the mama staying at home and 'doing housework' and talk about all the deroos she does! loool! you're so funny!

    I love your imaan! It's really nice when you mention that the prophet (pbuh) lived there! it's his birthday today!

    And I'm really happy you're writing more on your blog! More for me to read!