Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Invisibles

I woke up and I found out my whole body was gone. I tried to scream a sound came out. I couldn't believe it! What if my family are looking for me and they find out I'm indiscernible. If my voice is heard and they can't see where I am they'd feel scared and abscond.

But at least I could see something and hear everyone. I didn't know what to do. I saw a portrayal of myself so I remembered my body and began to cry. Suddenly I heard a scream. What was that?
It was my sister Khamael.
''Oh no, what happened to my little sister?''
''I'm here, I can't see myself either,'' I answered.
''Huda, where are you?'' I didn't know what was going on. Maybe something demonic might have happened to my body. Some devil might have cut my body off. Khamael ran and told mama and Ghadeer about what happened to my body.
''Mama, come to our bedroom now, I can hear Huda's voice but I can't see her anywhere!'' Khamael exclamined.
''What on earth is going on here?'' Baba asked. He was in his and Mama's room working on his computer.
''Huda has just vanished, we can hear her but we can't see her anywhere,'' Mama replied.
I cleared my throat and began to speak.
''Look everyone, I woke up and I also found out my body was gone. I can see and hear you. I saw a picture of myself, I wanted to cry so I did.''
Mama cried, Khamael cried, Ghadeer cried and even I cried. Baba wasn't crying but he looked like he was going to.

At night we went to the jam3a at Khalo's house. Everyone got dressed except me because my body was gone. My wardrobe fell open. My clothes were gone. I didn't take any of my clothes. I was wondering who it was. Only my perfume, books, glasses, bags and shoes were tangible. We all got to Khalo's house. Everyone was there on time. Khalo Hasan had noticed I was invisible. Everyone started noticing too.
So they asked about me.
''I'm here everyone, hello,'' I said.
''Oh no, where is she?''  they asked.
''Look, my daughter had woken up this morning and found out her body was gone. We can hear her but we can't see her anywhere,'' Mama answered.
''Poor Huda,'' Julan said sadily.
''How did she wake up like that?'' Khala Zainab asked.
''I don't know, I have no who took my sister's body,'' Ghadeer said.  They all started crying, even Zanooba cried, the cute little baby girl.
Everyone went to the table to eat dinner except me. I didn't feel like eating. But the food suddenly fell into my mouth.

I woke up the next morning. My body was back. I was visible again. I was so happy I jumped in my bed. Khamael was pleased to see me so she joined me in the bed so were both jumping like crazy. Ghadeer saw us and joined in too.


  1. yaaay! I was so worried! Thank god there was a happy ending! We should jump on our bed more often!