Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A True Friend

This is my story of how I met up with this girl and how we became best friends. I'm August and I'm 13 years old. I'm an only child I live with my parents in a beautiful house. But it started to get tedious because I had no friends next door to play with and I wasn't allowed to play in our garden because I would disturb the neighbours. I had no friends at that time before I met up with this girl. There was this boy who I always sit next to in class. He's so boorish to me and he always throws his pencils at me whenever I talk to him.

One day I was reading a book called 'popular girls' and I finished this book so I had no other books to read so I asked my parents if they could take me to the bookstore.
''I'm sorry August, but we haven't got time to take you now, we're busy,'' mum said shaking her head.
''But mum, I haven't got any books to read, I have to go now, please, please, please,'' I begged.
''August, don't be silly, listen to your mother and stop wasting our time,'' Dad said.
''But Dad,I've got nothing to do.''
''Well okay, we'll take you to the book fair tomorrow,'' mum declared. I cheered and jumped in excitement.

The next day I got dressed and headed to school. My teacher is called Miss Green. She is a young lady with brown hair and brown eyes. She always wears high heels in class. She's kind but very strict.
''August, did you do your homework?'' she asked me.
''Well yeah, I only did some of them,'' I replied.
I handed my homework to her. She raised her eyebrows. I was afraid she was going to shout me so I nearly blubbered.

After school, mum picked me up and took me to the book fair. They were selling new novels. I bought about two books which are, 'Best friends, by Jacqueline Wilson' and 'Vicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson'.
I was paying my books I saw a blond girl standing beside me. She wore red glasses, pink tshirt and a red skirt. One of the books she had was the same one I've just got now. I paid my cash. I looked at the blond girl. She smiled a bliss smile. I smiled back. We looked like we knew each other. We shook hands.
''Hi, I'm Lily Rose,'' said the girl.
''I'm August Blue,'' I said.
''That's the same book I've just got!''
She wasn't shy at all when she met me. We finally became best friends. Lily had moved to my school. She sat beside me. The boy who threw pencils at me was finally out of my sight. Lily was affable with other students so everyone liked her.

I woke up the next morning and had my breakfast.
''Your best friend Lily is going to move in with us,'' mum announced. I cheered.
Five minutes later, I saw lots of suitcases and bag packs. There was Lily at my bedroom window. I waved at her and she waved back. We finally became neighbours. We visited each other and had a sleepover at my house. We got along and we never ever had a fight.


  1. I smiled so much when I read this! It's an amazing story! I love how her name is August...your favourite month!

  2. I love her name and how you describe everything in such detail! :)