Saturday, February 11, 2012

Letter Writing Informal

Dear Sarah,
I have had a big problem at school. In music class I'm always failing because I never practise playing my recorder properly. That's because I'm not that good in music. My music teacher is very strict because if we never practise and keep on failing he fires many of us so that we should not come to his class again.

The problem is I'm not allowed to practise playing my recorder at home because my family get distracted and they start to put their hands over their ears. So maybe I should practise when I'm alone in the house. But it disturbs my neighbours so I should go somewhere quiet to play. My teacher always keeps on saying, ''you should try your best.'' I am! But I keep on making big mistakes. We did a music test to see who could play better. In my report card I always get c's and f's. My mum took me to the music store so that I could try playing other instruments as well. I tried playing the piano but it was better than the recorder. I made about 20 mistakes. I played the piano in music class. I got a c for that. But still I should've tried my best.
I can't wait till you read this letter. Please reply soon and miss you a lot!
Your friend
P.s. I heard that you are very good at music. Please advise me what to do and help me out in playing my instruments.


  1. I love your letters.
    And they're soo absolutely fictional! Who could ever imagine Huda getting a C or F grade?!

  2. hahahha! hela wallah seems like you've been wanting to play an instrument at home all this time? Mama taking you to the music store! loool!

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