Friday, December 23, 2011



This is my story of how I was born. We used to live in London. Khamael was 7 years old and Ghadeer was 5. Mama was pregnant with me for her last month. 
One day Ama Nabeeha announced Khamael and Ghadeer, ''Your mum has gone to the hospital to have her baby,you're going to have a sister,'' she declared. 

Khamael and Ghadeer were thrilled so they jumped in their beds for excitement. I was born in the Royal hospital. Baba took my sisters to the flower shop first to buy some flowers for mama. 
The owner of the shop was a young lady who had long red hair and long pointed nails. 
''Take these flowers please,'' she said. They paid and went. 

They finally went to the Royal hospital. I don't remember what room number I was born in. 
There was me,I looked fleecy and I had this line whenever I smile. 
''Thanks for the flowers,'' mama said happily. Mama and baba were debatable on what to name me so they name me Fatima. We took the car and went. At home we had lunch. Khamael gave mama clothes while she changed me. 

One day at breakfast while mama was feeding me baba was thinking on what to name me so he named me Raai3a. But this name was difficult to spell. ''I was thinking we should name her Huda,'' baba said. 
Huh,come on,Huda,Nada,Zainab,Fatima and so on,'' mama said exasperated. 
''Huda,'' baba replied. They all liked this name. 
All our relatives were invited to our house to congragulate mama for having me.          


  1. This was the happiest day of my life!
    I wish this picture was clearer so everyone could see how much of a beautiful baby you were!
    Hahahaha ofcourse you won't remember your room number :P

  2. Huda Oh Huda. I love you soooooo much. It was the happiest day of my life. I can not thank Allah(swt) enough for having you and your sisters.

  3. Yeah I was only a baby so of course I don't remember. I'm sorry I would have taken my baby photo without flash. I was about to take a picture of my timeline.

  4. I looooove your writing! Hahaha! You remember the details about the lady selling flowers. She was so scary! You forgot to mention that I was awake the whole day staring at you!

  5. Mama you're the best mother I've ever had in my life. I looove you 7abibti.

  6. Haha Khamael I don't remember those details very well but you told me about that last time and mama told you to leave me alone.

  7. Huda, you're so adorable! Much love, keep writing! <3

  8. This is just adorable! I can imagine it all - it's like I was there with Khamael and Ghadeer! You're a good writer! <3