Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Secret Key and Sleepwalking

This is my story of how I was sleepwalking and the adventures I was involved in my dream.
We had just moved to Al Tauwun in Mamzar 1,building. Me and Khamael share a room but Ghadeer has her own room. Khamael didn't appear in this story so I had my own room. But I told her on Skype anyway.

One day I was checking something on my laptop,which is facebook of course. Suddenly I felt somndent so I finished my work quickly and I said goodnight to Mama and Ghadeer and gave them a hug and a kiss.
I got dressed in my pajamas then after that I brushed my teeth,setted my alarm on Salatul Fajir and nuzzled into my bed.

I woke up in a dream,I found myself in a different house but in the same room. Weird isn't it?
I looked at my watch. It was 4am and I was horsing around in my dream in the middle of the night.
I looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed myself I looked different. I wore a black shella,abaya,red glasses,siver shoes and white socks. I sneaked in the corridor,everything looked different too. There were stairs. ''Am I living in a strange house?'' I asked myself. I went downstairs into the hall.
I fell down. I looked down,I had stumbled on a handbag. I glared at the hall. Nothing looked different,the furniture was the same. I walked to the door. Beside the door I saw an additional table with a bunch of keys.
One of the keys were silver and sparkling. There was this secret key,I saw it in my own eyes.
I took the handbag I had tripped on then I grabbed this secret key with my right hand and unlocked the door and went outside. I was in the garden. It was very dark and I could see stars glittering in the sky.
I opened the main door of the house and walked into the streets. This place is slumberous,I thought.
There were only a few cars moving. I crossed the street slowly and carefully. I saw a mosque in front of me and two buildings next to it. ''Let's go into this mosque and pray there,'' I said to myself.
I agreed to myself so I crossed the street and hurried to the mosque. As I walked towards the mosque there were lots of sand. I really hate walking in sand it makes my beautiful shoes dirty and I have to wash them.

In the women's prayer room outside there were two doors. In the right hand side and the left.
I opened the first one it was locked then I opened the other one it was locked too.
''Oh no,what do I do now,stand there and wait till it's prayer time then someone can come and unlock it,'' I said to my imaginary friend. Aha,the secret key,I thought. I took the key out of my handbag,unlocked the door and marched in. It was dark and spooky so I turned on the light. There was an ablution place. Then where's the prayer room? I thought.
Finally,I saw a door,opened it and went inside. The room was large. There was a shelf with Quran readers,salah clothes and prayer mats. I found a spot to pray in front of a clock that said it was 5:05. I heard the Adhan then I prayed.

I finished praying then hurried outside. I had my eyes on my watch. It was 5:15. So I ran outside,crossed the streets carefully and at last I reached our home. I woke up,I found myself in the corridor. Everything was back to normal. I saw the main door of our house,it was unlocked so I locked it. It was salah time for Fajir and my alarm suddenly went of. I accidentally setted my alarm at 4am. I was about to go to the bathroom,I accidentally unlocked the door of our house. I had been sleepwalking. I heard the bathroom door open. Ghadeer came out.
''Did I just hear something,what was that?'' she asked.
''I just locked the door,'' I panted.
''What's wrong?''
I was too diffident to say. Mama woke up.
''What's wrong with her?'' Mama asked Ghadeer.
''I don't know,she's acting weird,'' Ghadeer replied.
''What's wrong with you today?'' Mama asked glaring at me.
''Nothing,I'm fine,okay,''I sighed.
I walked away into the bathroom to do my wudhoo they were still staring at me. I didn't feel like telling them what happened so I decided I'd tell them the next morning after I wake up.


  1. Cutie! Walking to the mosque and praying in your dreams!

  2. Suspence.. Suspence. Such an exciting story.
    Must watch you during sleep..lol