Friday, December 23, 2011

My sister the copycat

My older sister is annoying,
She also copies me the way I talk,eat and sleep.
I can't take it anymore and she once followed me everywhere.
I want to give her a punch beep.

She also copies the style of my hair.
Now she watches my show.
And wears the same hair bow.

She always buys the same things as me.
I want to give her defeat.
She runs after me when I run.
The next day I was doing a test she began to cheat.

I wish my sister would mind her own business.
It's like having a twin.
She always liked to sit next to me.
I hope she's not copying me anymore then I'll win.


  1. So I'm a copycat and I'm annoying, huh?

    You have great poetic skills!

  2. Very nice poem. I do not blame your sister. I completely understand , when one sees would want to copy!!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh! I'm so worried you might be talking about me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hudaaa! I'm not a copy cat...and I love your description in the 'about me' annoying?