Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Piano Lady

The Characters Appearance
Suddenly there was a sound of classical music. The other lady looked up. A woman came in. She was holding a piano and she wore round black glasses, a red hat with roses and a reddish ribbon, a white scarf around her neck and a yellow sweater. She wore make-up and red lipstick. She was smiling a teeth smile.

The Characters in Action
The Unusual Competition
The phone rang. The piano lady answered it.
''Hello,'' she said.
''Hi Jenna, there's going to be a music competition coming up today at 5:30 pm. Those who play the best music will win a prize. If you want to win this competition please sign up,'' the other woman said.
''Should I bring my piano then?'' asked Jenna.
''Yes please, but you should sign up first,'' the woman said.
Three hours later, Jenna went to that competition. She placed her piano in a black plastic bag.
When she got there the competition had already began. She was a few minutes late.
She met a girl who was only 17 and she played the saxophone.
''Hi I'm Rose, nice to meet you,'' she said.
''I'm Jenna, nice to meet you too,'' said Jenna.
There was something unusual about this competition. Nobody was clapping or laughing. They had no reactions to the musicians and weren't encouraging them.

Rose's turn was next so she went to the stage and played her saxophone perfectly. Still no applause and no reactions. I've never seen anything like this before, they usually clap, what's wrong with these people?, Jenna thought. Rose's turn was done so she took a bow. Still nobody reacted. Jenna waited and waited till her turn was up. She looked at her watch. It was 7pm and her turn still wasn't up yet.
She went to the lady and asked her.
''I've been waiting for an hour and a half, when will my turn be up?'' she asked.
''Don't worry, you'll be up next in a few minutes time,'' replied the lady. So Jenna went back and waited. Nothing happened. The other man took a bow.
''This is so boring, I hate this competition, this other lady is so dumb. I've been waiting for almost an hour and she said my turn will up next and it still hasn't,'' Jenna said annoyed.
''I don't care I'm going to leave, this is so boring it will never end,'' Jenna went on, '' I couldn't have signed up for that stupid contest it's so tedious!''
At last, Jenna's turn was next so she played her piano very well but she did a little mistake and missed one note.

The competition ended finally but nobody won and got a prize. Rose had played her saxophone successfully she should've won this competition. The other man who took a bow played very perfectly the most so he still didn't win. It was an unusual competition indeed.


  1. Amazziinggg....

    I love how the competition ended out for Jenna- it's good to put your character in unfortunate circumstances.

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