Saturday, March 3, 2012

Being Home Alone

It's very bad leaving your child behind
Because he's going to do a crime.
He's going to wreck things
Because he doesn't know how to rhyme.

Something bad might happen to your child
He'll start to scream
And talk to strangers
Whenever he sees them he'll beam.

He'll have trouble doing things
He'll start to turn yellow
Because he doesn't know where to stand
And he'll start to talk to fellows.

The next time you should be a good parent
It's bad to leave your child in bed
Because he'll cry when he knows you're gone
Some children don't like being home alone so they'll get fed.


  1. Did you post this when you were home alone? ;)
    I hope you didn't talk to any strangers!

  2. No, that was before Mama left and I didn't talk to strangers.