Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Alone Movie

I really like this movie. Imagine how would it feel like if you are home alone. It's bad leaving your child behind. I wasn't left alone till I was 13 years old. Most parents are worried when their children are left behind because something bad might happen to them. Now I feel good that I'm living in a safe country with no robbers or any strangers. You know there are lots of burglars in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada and the child's parents would get in trouble if they leave their child at home and not take care of them properly. The government would punish the child's parents by sending their child in a children's home.
The child wouldn't like to be taken in care there with lots of children because they want to live together with their own family.

I first watched the first movie with my sister. It was hilarious.My favourite part was when Kevin saw a shadow of those two burglars so we switched on the light of his whole house even the basement.
The next day at school all of my friends were talking about the same movie that I've just saw. I was so surprised because I didn't know that they liked Home Alone so much. So that means we all watched it at the same time. That was in ICT time when they were talking about it. I wanted to say that I watched it too but it was too late because our form teacher, Miss Johanson told us to be quiet. Home Alone 1 was amazing.
Home Alone 2 was great. This was the one when he went to New York. I want to go there too! I hope my wishes come true so me and my family will all travel to New York. Home Alone 3 okay. It would have been more interesting if they brought back Kevin. It would be a good idea if Kevin and Alex team up so that they can fight the burglars. Home Alone 4 wasn't that bad. It would also be great if they didn't replace the actors. The old actors are better. Home Alone 5. I can't wait to see it. I hope it's on now.


  1. Wow, so you are a "Home alone" movies addict now:)
    Very nice review for the films. I love this post . Thank you Habibty

  2. Oh my God- Kevin and Alex teaming up is a fabulous idea!

  3. I didn't even know there were parts 4 and 5! :-O Have to start downloading right away! Parts 2 and 3 were good, but my favorite will always be part 1.
    Mom: "Say good night Kevin"
    Kevin: "Good night Kevin"