Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Missing Earring: Part 2

The next day, Andy and I went to the maid’s office to interrogate her.
‘’Good morning, ma’am,’’ I greeted her.
‘’Good morning to you ladies, to what do I owe this pleasure,’’ she said.
‘’We just wanted to ask you something,’’ I answered.
‘’Well go ahead, dear,’’ she smiled.
‘’Umm, well, you see, a piece of jewelry, which is an earring has been missing from us, since yesterday.’’
‘’Do you have any idea of what happened to our earring,’’ I asked.
The maid hesitates then shakes her head. Andy and I walk away sadly. I take out my notebook, and made a note about the maid being our no.1 suspect.
Andy and I go to the front desk to report the theft to a receptionist, who I’ve learned that her name was Sally, I knew just by looking at her nametag. Sally smiled kindly and told us not to worry and that she’ll find out who the culprit and do anything to help us recover our lost property. However, Andy believes that Sally could be our no.2 suspect.
‘’Oh come on, Andy, this is ridiculous. How could it be her? She sounded genuine with us,’’ I said.
‘’Well you never know, she could be a good actress,’’ Andy implied.
‘’Hmm,’’ I said, then thought for a moment.

Andy might be right. What if the maid didn’t steal it, but Sally did. Or worst of all, what if Sally was the maid’s accomplice? As in, what if she was a lookout for the maid, so she can know when we are leaving, and when we are coming back to our hotel room.

To be continued.... 

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  1. An accomplice - makes sense because it's always easier to cover up crimes that way!