Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Haunted Room

I held my breath and waited. I was sitting in an unfamiliar room with lots of posters and closets. I waited till somebody came. The room was locked and the key was lost. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the window fell open. The wind flew and papers flew like airplanes all around the room. A black cat came and ate the papers and posters. This cat hadn't eaten the whole paper it just chewed and dropped it. I screamed. I tried to call for help nobody heard me. Then all of a sudden, the closet opened a crack. A pencil was alive. It was huge! It had long sharp claws. I hid behind the door. The door slowly began to unlock. Nobody was standing outside in the doorway.

''Hello,'' said a voice.
''Who are you?'' I said shivering.
''I am the ghost of crime,'' replied the voice.
I stood there beside the door unable to speak.
''What do you want?'' I asked.
''Follow me,'' said the ghost. I followed him outside. He took me to a room full of old junk. The ghost took out a coin.
''Look at this, I heard about you playing with it,'' the ghost said showing me the coin.
''But I never touched it, I never came near it,'' I said.
''Well of course you have. One person I know saw you. You were playing 'heads and 'tails with it.''
Is he kidding me or something? I never touched that stupid coin, I thought. The ghost disappeared. I went back to my old room and thought things over. Suddenly a paper flew at me. It said,
'Huda has been using this gold coin since she started school. She took it to school with her and showed it to her friends. At break time she played 'heads and 'tails with it. Regards Ben Wenwolf, ghost of crime.' I went to my drawers and opened it. There was the coin Ben the ghost had been talking about. The ghost never appeared again. I took out the coin.
''This is mine now, I'm going to spend it as my money,'' I said to myself. So I took out my purse and placed the coin in.


  1. Oh my God! hahaha! the pencil became alive? that's so sad especially since you like writing so much! Is that your decision making coin? or just normal money?

  2. This is really cool!

    I love how unafraid you are at the end of using the coin