Sunday, May 27, 2012

Death of a pet

Once there lived a girl called Andy Mophett. She used to have two cats named Funny and Tappy. One of them is named Funny because he used to make funny faces whenever he tried to get everyone's attention. The other one was named Tappy because she used to like dancing so much. Whenever she heard some melodous music she goes tap tap with her feet.

One day Andy taught Funny some tricks. She started jumping around and making some funny noises which made Andy chuckle. This made the other cat, Tappy jealous.
''Come on boy, sit,'' said Andy to Funny. Funny sat.
''Fetch the ball Funny,'' said Andy. Funny fetched a large red ball. They played catch with it and some other games. Tappy was feeling a bit left out so she tap tapped on her own. She tried to get Andy's attention but she was too busy practising her tricks with Funny.
Five minutes later, Tappy wasn't feeling very well so she couldn't move her feet anymore. Andy went up to her.
''Tappy, are you okay?'' she asked. Suddenly she wasn't moving anymore.
''Tappy, Tappy!'' Andy shouted,''are you okay?'' But still Tappy didn't reply.
''Mom, Tappy isn't feeling very well,'' Andy said.
''Why, what's wrong with her?'' asked her mother.
''She was okay a few minutes ago mom, I didn't notice her because I was busy practising with Funny.''
''Then what happened?''
''I suddenly heard a strange noise so I turned around and then I saw Tappy. She wasn't even moving.''
''I think we should take her to the vet,'' mom sighed.

A few minutes later, Andy and her mom took Tappy to the vet so they left Funny at home. Funny felt sorry for Andy and Tappy. He and Tappy used to be best friends but they became jealous of each other whenever they take each other's attention. The vet checked on Tappy.
''I'm afraid your cat is gone now,'' said the vet sadly.
''What? Do you mean she's dead?'' asked Andy shocked.
''Yes, I'm afraid so,'' replied the vet.
As Andy and her mom got home they arranged a funeral for Tappy. Funny felt sorry for his owner Andy because he saw her crying. Andy felt like this is the end of the world. Tappy was dead! Mrs. Mophett patted her crying daughter.
''Don't worry sweetheart, I felt the same way as you when my fish died,'' she said.
Andy, her mom and Funny put some roses on Tappy's grave. Andy put a letter which said, 'you've been a good pet to me' and Funny put, 'you're my best friend forever' and Mrs. Mophett  put, 'a good to my daughter, Andy.'
''Tappy, I'll never forget you,'' said Andy.
When Andy went to bed she couldn't sleep. She kept thinking about Tappy and how she was happy and comfortable in cuddling with both Funny and Tappy. Now she has only one cat and the other cat is gone forever!


  1. This is such a sentimental story and you've written it so well :(

  2. This story tugged on my heart strings. Our first pet was a cat named Stephanie. She was like a member of our family. I know how Andy feels because I went through the same thing when Stephanie died.

    Very well written! *sob!*

  3. Tappy was so cute! This hurt my heart! Allah yer7amha! poor thing :(

  4. I was actually on the verge of tears! Written beautifully! :)